District Nursing Practice Documents

As an NMC requirement the University of Bolton and the practice placement provider have to provide a practice placement audit. This document needs to be completed and emailed to the university for upload onto our quality portal.

The specialist practitioner student is also required to have a copy of this in their practice placement portfolio. This can then add value to the audit document and the specialist practitioner student will be able to encompass the learning environment strengths into their own SWOT analysis of their learning needs.

Please use the documentation to undertake an audit of your clinical area. Completed audits should be saved under the name of your clinical area/action and emailed to Nyree Kendall (CSPDN lead)


Programme Handbook 2017-18 PGd CSPDN

Programme Handbook 2017-18 BSc CSPDN

Prescribing portfolio Sept 2017

CSP (DN) Practice Portfolio 2017- 18 Full time

 Community Specialist Practice Portfolio 2016 -18 Part time 

Practice teacher/Mentor Guide