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Trainees are required to have an identified mentor on their teaching placement and named assessors who will be responsible for summatively assessing their professional teaching practice. Assessors may be University of Bolton staff or university trained assessors (with a UoB Assessor ID) within their organisation. A fee is paid for mentoring and assessing to the organisation (not to the individual) therefore a formal agreement is in place. Those wishing to mentor and/or assess our trainees should discuss this with their appropriate line manager in the first instance.



Are normally experienced teachers in the same subject/field of practice as the trainee. As a mentor you will be required to assist the trainee integrate into the new setting. You will be expected to act as a role model by allowing observation of teaching and related skills, supporting the trainee teacher in identifying learning needs, setting appropriate goals and monitoring their progress in relation to these goals.

We have adapted the definition from the National Standards for school-based Initial Teacher Education Mentors (2016)  for our programme as follows:

“A mentor is a suitably-experienced teacher who has formal responsibility to work collaboratively within the Initial Teacher Education partnership to help ensure the trainee receives the highest-quality training.” (Teaching Schools Council, 2016)

Our mentors play a key role in supporting the development of our trainees whilst on teaching practice by helping them to develop their repertoire of skills, techniques and strategies, and in exposing them to a range of experiences that will help them to successfully meet the programme outcomes and the professional standards.

We Offer Mentor And Assessor Training Via The Following Routes:

  • Face-to-face via your trainee’s curriculum tutor
  • Online mentor resources, available on this website (see quiz at bottom of page) and a Mentor Guide emailed to all mentors and assessors
  • Workshops (on request)
  • Formal preparation via our ‘Mentoring & Coaching’ module (Level HE7)

Remember in order to complete the training you are normally expected to have:

  • A recognised teaching qualification
  • Permission (from your line manager) to support and/or assess one of our trainees

For assessor training you will need:

  • A recognised teaching qualification
  • Permission (from your line manager) to support and/or assess one of our trainees
  • To be at least two years post qualified
  • To be able to provide constructive feedback to the trainee teacher in the subject/context


All assessors observing and assessing English (ESOL/literacy) or Mathematics (Numeracy) teaching practice on specialist Initial Teacher Training ITT) pathways should meet the following criteria:

  • a teaching qualification equivalent to QCF Level 5 or above
  • a Level 4 specialist qualification or Level 5 Additional Diploma; and or equivalent qualification in the relevant specialist area(s) and/or
  • evidence of relevant teaching experience in the specialist context(s); and in-depth knowledge of the relevant subject area

(Qualifications Guidance by LSIS, 2013)

For example, a tutor with an honours degree in a related subject or significant teaching experience would be considered suitable.

Observations by University of Bolton Assessors:

University of Bolton (UoB) assessors/personal tutors will carry out a minimum of two observations of each trainee, one developmental observation and one graded.  One of these may constitute the required ‘moderated’ observation for trainee assessors and assessors updating their assessor ID.

University of Bolton (UoB) assessors ensure that following a moderated observation, the UoB Mentor & Assessor database is updated accordingly and confirm that the relevant quiz has been completed.  Once the quiz and moderated observation are successfully completed, the database will automatically update allowing UoB tutors to monitor the currency of assessor training and ID’s.

Please note that University of Bolton (UoB) mentor and assessor payments are paid directly to the placement institution, rather than individual tutors.


Completing The Online Quiz 

Before starting the quiz below it is suggested you review the mentor and assessor guidance on this website.

Complete either the mentor or the assessor quiz (or both) dependent upon your role. There are ten questions intended to check that you have read and understood the guidance as above. The quiz is graded therefore unless you achieve 80% you will be asked to repeat.

Once you have completed all the questions the final page will show with your name and date of completion and this will be your certificate of completion.

You must retain a screen copy of this as evidence of completion.

You can do this by pressing Ctrl & Print Scrn buttons simultaneously on your keyboard and saving in a document.

Note that your successful completion automatically updates our mentor and assessor database and allows us to keep a record of trained mentors and assessors.

Any questions or concerns should be addressed to Mentor&


Assessor Training 

Assessor training consists of 2 elements:

  • Completing the Assessor Quiz
  • Engaging in a moderated observation of a trainee

The moderated observation will be carried out by an experienced assessor, normally one of the University of Bolton ITE tutors or an ITE tutor in the partnerships. Note that if you are updating your assessor ID which is due to expire, you will still be required to engage in a moderated observation as these should be undertaken at least every three years.

This moderated observation will include discussion on grading trainees so please ensure you have read the grading guidance on this page.

The mentor and assessor database is managed by our administrator Safiya Matadar.


Assessor And Mentor Preparation Quiz

 Mentor preparation quiz2  
 Assessor preparation quiz  

If you have completed one of the above quizes, please use the links below to submit your results


Mentor Quiz

Assessor Quiz









Essential Documents

Feedback from Mentors

 “I am really enjoying mentoring (the trainee.) I think having recently been in her shoes really helps as I understand what she needs from a mentor. I am also finding it useful to observe another teacher. We never have time for it normally and it does give another opportunity to reflect on own practice too.

“I like the opportunity to pass on my skills and experience to possibly better the career opportunities for the trainee teacher, therefore I find this very rewarding and satisfying and an enjoyable experience.“

“It has been a great pleasure to mentor (the trainee.) He has shown resilience, determination, dedication and tenacity to get through this year. I know how difficult it is to teach a class of 16-18 year olds so I know it hasn’t been easy for him. Towards the start of his teaching journey there was a time when he wanted to change one of the groups that he was teaching but after reassuring him and giving him extra pointers, he stuck it out. He has actually recently expressed to me that he was glad he stayed with that group. Throughout his time with me he has been very professional in his conduct not only in the classrooms but also in the staffroom. It has been great to have played a small part in guiding him throughout his teaching journey so far. He will definitely be missed.”

“It has been a real pleasure to work with [the trainee] this year. I have gained from it and am happy to have contributed to his journey into teaching.”


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