Mentor and Assessor roles and responsbilities

All trainees are required to have a named mentor on their placement and named assessors who will be responsible for summatively assessing their professional teaching practice. Assessors may be University of Bolton staff or trained assessors within the professional practice placement. A fee is paid to the organisation (not the individual) for providing mentor and assessor services therefore a formal agreement is normally in place and those wishing to mentor and/or assess our trainees should discuss with the appropriate line managers in their own organisations.


Are normally experienced teachers in the same subject/field of practice as the trainee. As a mentor you will be required to assist the trainee integrate into the new setting and assist with this process. You will be expected to act as a role model by allowing observation of teaching and related skills and support the trainee teacher in identifying learning needs, setting appropriate goals and methods of assessing progress in relation to these goals.

The main administrative roles you will have to carry out on behalf of the course member are:

  • Providing an induction and assisting the trainee to integrate into the new setting
  • Endorsing the trainees log of teaching hours
  • Observing the trainee teaching and providing constructive feedback
  • Undertaking two formal observations of at least 30 minutes duration and completing the University observation reports provided for this purpose
  • Completing an evaluation for the university and a final report for the trainee

Preparation and support for mentors is provided via direct contact with the trainee’s curriculum tutor; the provision of workshops held at the university during the academic year and through access to this website. If you are unable to attend a workshop and but would like a certificate that demonstrates your preparation for mentoring then you will need to review the programme documentation and undertake the ‘mentor and assessor preparation’ quiz.

 In order to become a mentor you will be required to:


Are experienced teachers who have a recognised teaching qualification and are normally in the same subject/field of practice as the trainee. Assessors have a minimum of two years post qualifying experience and are required to undertake training for this role. Approved Assessors undertake summative observations of our trainees, including grading of performance. The assessor may also be the mentor, but there are different requirements for each of these roles.

The main administrative roles you will have to carry out on behalf of the course member are:

  • Arranging dates, times and locations for observations
  • Reviewing lesson plans, resources and action plans prior to the start of the observation
  • Carrying out the summative observation and completing a report, and where appropriate grading documentation
  • Feeding back the outcome of the observation to the trainee and monitoring overall progress on achieving success in professional practice

In order to become an assessor you will be required to:

  • Undertake the ‘mentor and assessor preparation
  • Arrange a ‘buddy’ visit with a University of Bolton assessor during which you will do a joint observation of a trainee
  • Complete the ‘assessor approval‘ form and forward to the administrator as directed

You will then be allocated an assessor ID which must be stated on formal observations of our trainees.