UCAS Applicants

How to apply through Clearing via UCAS

To make sure you can make an application through clearing please take a look at the below guide, if you have any questions, please call 0808 281 1111.

Verbal offers can only be made to applicants who aren’t currently holding any offers through UCAS, if you’re eligible, an ‘Add Clearing Choice’ button will appear on your UCAS Track choices screen, and you will also have a 6 digit clearing number.

Call 0808 281 1111

We are here to help

Step by Step Guide

1. Choose a course or subject and
call us on 0808 281 1111

Please take a look at the courses available through clearing new link to UK/EU listings before calling – you can only apply for one course at a time through clearing so this can save you a lot of time!

4. Find out more about
the University of Bolton

We’re holding two dedicated open days on Friday 16 (10:00-15:00) and Saturday 17 August (09:00-15:00) for you to visit the campus and find out more about where you may be studying next month.

2. Find out if we can offer you a place

When you call the Clearing hotline we will go through a few questions to determine your eligibility, you may receive a verbal offer of a place over the phone meaning we’re confident that you meet the requirements of the course.

5. Amend your student
finance application

Any changes to your university or course choice will need to be updated as soon as possible with student finance. If you haven’t already made your application, please do so as soon as you can – no money will be released until you are enrolled so you can do this before the official paperwork goes through.

3. Choose University of Bolton
and  apply through UCAS Track

At 15:00 on Thursday 16 August UCAS Track will open and you will be able to log in and refer your application to Bolton. As you can imagine this is a very busy time so please don’t panic if it takes you a little while to log in.

6. Apply for halls

You will be able to apply for halls at the open days, and you can request an application pack from the team at 01204 903381 or ku.ca1585663661.notl1585663661ob@mm1585663661occa1585663661