'Self Service' Room Bookings

For 'Self Service' Occasional Room Bookings please use the link below.................


...........these bookings, once authourised, will be confirmed by e-mail.  Please ensure your details are correct.

Rooms can only be booked up to 30 days in advance, this is to enable all staff to be able to book in an equitable manner.  There are also a number of mandatory fields which need to be completed for a booking to be approved.

If you attempt to book a room that is not showing as available, the request will be rejected and an e-mail sent to you indicating that it has been rejected. 

IMPORTANT: This service is not for timetabled classes as all scheduled teaching sessions need to be set up correctly in order to genrate registers and also to provide important information for our statutory Key Information Set [KIS] returns.

For all timetabled sessions please contact a.dale@bolton.ac.uk or r.tooley@bolton.ac.uk supplying the Module Code and Occurrence information.

General Guidance Notes on how to use the service are available from the link below.........................

CELCAT LIVE Roombooker Instructions - May 2015 [.pdf 900k]

If you would like to arrange a training session on using this service, for yourself or for a small group of colleagues then please e-mail either a.dale@bolton.ac.uk or r.tooley@bolton.ac.uk to arrange a session.