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19 April 2021

The Cambridge Analytica Scandal and What It Teaches Us

The Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal involved millions of Facebook users having their personal data compromised without their consent. The event, which caused public outrage has taught us a number of important lessons re...


19 April 2021

Could Simulation Software Help Reduce the Effects of the Next Pandemic?

We’re not through this pandemic yet, but we’re already worrying about what would happen if another one was to strike! After all, if COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that you never know what is around the corner. Re...


13 April 2021

Digital Skills Shortage – Is The UK Heading Towards a Disaster?

A study carried out by a think tank on behalf of The Learning & Work Institute has recently highlighted an alarming scenario that could play out in the UK, with regard to a shortage of digital skills if something isn’t done, and so...


12 April 2021

Top Perks of Building Your Career in Cloud

A master’s in cloud computing can make your skills relevant and in-demand. Plus, there are plenty of perks to know about…

Things are changing in the world of IT, and the shift from legacy systems to re...


25 February 2021

Software Engineer Courses: Why Choose the University of Bolton?

Looking for the best place to study software engineering at master’s level? Here are some of the reasons why the University of Bolton is great for advancing careers in computing!

Are you looking to impr...

Cloud picture2

16 February 2021

Cloud Spending Booms in 2021: The Future-Proofed Cloud Computing Career Path

Cloud computing jobs are among the safest career paths, with services such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon ...

Computing VPN (Undergrad + Postgrad)- Uni of Bolton

05 February 2021

Should You Use a VPN to Protect Your Information?

Should You Use a VPN to Protect Your Information?

Connecting to the internet from public hotspots is commonplace. Cafes, libraries, shopping malls, and even hospitals all have public Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi hotspots that al...

Junior Software Engineer-Uni of Bolton

18 December 2020

The Importance of Self-Improvement for Junior Software Engineers

Having a self-improvement plan is essential if you want to make it as a software engineer in an evolving industry. The University of Bolton’s MSc Software Engineering course is designed to help you develop your skills while building yo...

IT Security Graduate-Uni of Bolton

16 December 2020

How to Enjoy Self-Improvement as an IT Security Graduate

A career in IT security is fast-paced and highly dynamic, and cyber security training is vital for those who are looking to progress. Cloud technologies are evolving faster than cloud security, creating a huge skills gap for those with s...

Devlopment in Education-Uni of Bolton

25 November 2020

5 Benefits of Professional (and Personal) Development in Education

The MEd Professional Development in Education programme at the University of Bolton is an ideal platform to boost your career. If you’re an ambitious teacher or education practition...

Software Engineer- Uni of Bolton

25 November 2020

Become a Highly Successful Software Engineer with Personal Development

Breaking through the glass ceiling as a software engineer requires more than just industry knowledge and programming skills. It requires a passion for self-improvement, and a thirst for continuous learning and development.

By askin...

Data Analytics2

09 November 2020

Increase Your Employability: Reskill with a Master’s in Data Analytics

In the world of ‘Big Data’, companies are inundated with information, with very little clue on how to begin sorting through this information to make it meaningful to their operations. Data is now the most valuable business asset, and...

Data Analytics

05 November 2020

The Power of Data: Retrain with a Master’s in Data Analytics

Retraining with a master’s in Data Analytics and Technologies at the University of Bolton is one of the best things you can do for your career. Our programme helps students develop key employability skills and advanced data expertise, ...

Cyber Security

03 November 2020

Job Retraining With an MSc Cyber Security Degree

Retraining for new skills is a priority for any IT professional working in a data-dependent organisation. As more and more businesses shift from legacy systems to cloud, the demand for security specialists will continue to grow, making c...

Cloud and Network Security

02 November 2020

Take your Career to the Cloud with the Remote MSc Cloud and Network Security cou...

The MSc Cloud and Network Security programme from the University of Bolton is now available in a fully online form. This means that you are able to take the course from anywhere with an internet connection – so long as you have a power...

thisisengineering raeng 64YrPKiguAE unsplash3

08 September 2020

A Career in Computing is Just A Few Clicks Away

Do you dream of a career in computing? Our Undergraduate Computing courses at the University of Bolton are designed to prepare you for your chosen career path, and it’s not too late to apply.


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27 August 2020

Get inspired - get a degree in BSc Computing

The University of Bolton offers one of the best student experiences in the UK. Ranked 1st in the North West for Student Satisfaction in the Complete University Guide for the las...

jeswin thomas IjYmtMogTlE unsplash

20 August 2020

The Foundations of Computer Science - BSc (Hons) Computing

Do you have a passion for computer science? Always been interested in computer hardware, software or electronics? Then this degree is the perfect foundation from which to build your chosen computing career.

Course details More

apps 426559 1280

18 August 2020

Famous People in IT/Tech to Inspire Secondary School Students

Most secondary school students are technology-obsessed. They use their mobiles more than any other generation, spending hours on social media each and every day. But few consider a career in IT or technology, particularly female students...

wes hicks 4 EeTnaC1S4 unsplash

18 August 2020

Secure your future career - MSc Cloud and Network Security

We are offering the perfect master’s degree for those graduates from networking, system administration or cloud computing fields, who want to develop the skills needed for a career in cloud and network security.

The perfe...

next academy JyJwO0K5fWM unsplash

18 August 2020

Unlocking your potential - MSc Data Analytics and Technologies

This postgraduate course has been designed to engage, inspire and develop an individual with a passion for data and statistics. Whether you’re interested in finance, marketing, management or design, data flows through every business, a...

christina wocintechchat com 4T 02pK0jUg unsplash

18 August 2020

A future programmed by you - MSc Software Engineering

To those graduates with experience in, and a passion for computing and programming, then look no further! Our Master’s in Software Engineering has been developed to enhance existing knowledge and expand into advanced methodologies, thr...

thisisengineering raeng 64YrPKiguAE unsplash

17 August 2020

Looking for a career path? Get a degree in Computing

Study Computing at the University of Bolton, No.1 in the North West for the past three years in Student Satisfaction in the Complete University Guide and No.2 in Teaching Quality in the Sunday Times Good University Guide 2020.


Computing University of Bolton

02 June 2020

What a career in Computing looks like

Deciding on a career path can seem like a tremendous task to begin with. After studying multiple subjects for years, you finally have an idea about what you enjoy learning and potentially a career to pursue. The next step is to look for ...


27 May 2020

Which internet browser should you use to protect your personal information?

Most people have a favourite browser they gravitate towards when surfing the net. It can be tricky to break out of your comfort zone and not realise there are better options out there to suit your browsing habits. For example, did you kn...

Side view of computer room Institute of Managment, at the University of Bolton Accountancy facilities3

05 May 2020

Mac vs PC: The computing debate

Any avid computer user will know that there are really only two options for computing use, the PC or a Mac. The debate has continued for years, with each side of the argument passionate about their choice of computer and prepared to defe...

University of Bolton Computing

01 May 2020

Computing Software that has seen dramatic increase in popularity

As the nations ability to see friends and family is limited, people have started to rely more on technology to help them communicate with those they love. It’s nothing new for software engineers as these creations have been around for ...

From the University of Bolton Creative Technologies Department, by studying our computing degree courses at the University of Bolton, you will be able to develop all the skills needed to pursue a career

30 April 2020

Iconic software applications to aspire to

Computing students should realise that creating software is one of the most valuable skills you can have to enhance your career. For decades, various software has shaped computer experiences, from writing a document on Microsoft Word to ...

From the University of Bolton Creative Technologies Department, stylised image of cyber security

28 April 2020

Cyber risks are on the increase

Cyber hacking has become a common threat, from big-time companies having their customer financial information stolen to people’s social media accounts being hacked. The cybercrime industry hit £1.5 trillion in profits in 2018, accordi...

What can I do with a Computing degree

13 April 2020

What can I do with a Computing degree?

Computing is a fantastic subject to study because almost every industry depends on technology. Computers improve communication, productivity, efficiency, quality and speed in every sector. This means that you can combine your technical e...

WCIT another great achievement

12 June 2019

WCIT - Another Great Achievement

Congratulations to student Christine Banda on winning a silver medal as part of the annual Worshipful Chapter of Information Technologists (WCIT) Technology awards.

This highly prestigious event is held yearly by the London Livery ...

Cisco Celebrating success

12 June 2019

CISCO - Celebrating Success

As a provider of CISCO accredited courses in Networking, we have constantly enabled our students to be at the forefront of this fast-moving industry.

This year sees our CISCO Networking Academy (CCNA) reaching its 15th year, someth...

In the University of Bolton Creative Technologies Department, , you’ll be taught relevant industry programming languages, and enjoy the use of professional-level facilities and equipment.

12 June 2019

Welcome to Computing

Hi there, welcome to the first in a series of blogs from the School of Creative Technologies, Computing subject area. The subject area is proud to be one of the leading providers of this level of education in the UK.

Linked with se...



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