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The roll of a community dev worker2

15 February 2021

The Role of a Community Development Worker

The role of the community development worker is one that is woven entirely into the environment that they care about - driven by a passion for their communities, they are the support workers that many underrepresented minority groups are...


06 January 2021

Make a Difference with a Master’s in Community Development

Have you already graduated with an Honour’s degree, but find that you’re still hungry to take your education to the next level? A Master’s in Community Development and Youth Studies strengthens your professional competence and deve...

Youth Study Masters-Uni of Bolton

15 December 2020

5 Ways to Enjoy Self-Improvement While Doing Your Youth Studies Master’s

The University of Bolton’s MA Community Development and Youth Studies course is one of the best Postgraduate programmes, with students voting us No.1 for Student Satisfaction in Social Work Courses for the second year running in Greate...

Youth and Community-Uni of Bolton

26 November 2020

Personal Development for Youth and Community Support Workers

Supporting the personal development of others is a core responsibility of being a community worker. This is especially the case if you are working with teenagers and young adults in disadvantaged communities. But personal development is ...

papaioannou kostas tysecUm5HJA unsplash2

16 November 2020

Why Reskill with a master’s in Community Development and Youth Studies?

Our master’s in Community Development and Youth Studies is one of the most important courses for serving the community; driving a new level of excellence for community workers and giving them the skills to further their career.
If y...


06 November 2020

Why Retrain as a Youth Worker?

Our MA Community Development and Youth Studies programme is the ideal platform for community workers looking to advance their careers, or for graduates looking to retrain. In the UK, community development skills are in demand, and opport...

markus spiske OO89 95aUC0 unsplash

08 September 2020

Dream of Working in Childcare or Youth Development?

Working with children or young people is an exciting and rewarding career, one that contributes directly to people’s lives. If you dream of supporting families and their little ones, whether in a formal or informal setting, there’s s...

blog 1 2969d7dc4b2b99b1eaa22a9dc7d60904

27 August 2020

Get a degree in BA Community Development and Youth Studies

Want to study at a university that puts students first? The University of Bolton, ranked Top 5 in the UK for Teaching Quality in The Times and Sunday Ti...

alexis brown Xv7k95vOFA unsplash

20 August 2020

Empowering Your Community - BA (Hons) Community Development and Youth Studies

Working with young people and adults in your community can make a real difference to peoples lives. If you believe in youth work, want to run social projects or simply help others, then our BA (Hons) Community Development and Youth Studi...

priscilla du preez XkKCui44iM0 unsplash

17 August 2020

Looking for a career path? Get a degree in Community Development and Youth

Study Community Development and Youth at the University of Bolton, No.1 in the North West for the past three years in Student Satisfaction in the Complete University Guide and No.2 in Teaching Quality in the Sunday Times Good University ...

Community Development University of Bolton

02 June 2020

What a career in Community Development and Youth Work looks like

Deciding on a career path can seem like a tremendous task to begin with. After studying multiple subjects for years, you finally have an idea about what you enjoy learning and potentially a career to pursue. The next step is to look for ...


27 May 2020

What careers involve working with and helping the community

There are many ways to get involved in your community, from volunteering an hour a week to a full-blown career navigating the ins and outs of local society. For many people who study the Community Development and Youth Work courses at th...


05 May 2020

The three P’s to identifying high risk crime to youths

The rise in youth crime has become a hot topic of conversation throughout communities and society. The national crisis extends from knife crime to drug trafficking and gangs. Plenty has been said on the subject from government officials ...

University of Bolton Community Blog

01 May 2020

Community development How community spirit has lifted the nation in recent times

The national lockdown of movement has had people restricted to their homes and the small areas surrounding it. Driving to the park to walk your dog is no longer allowed, cyclists cannot...

Freindly Community

30 April 2020

‘On-road’ support workers are vital in preventing violence among young people

Youth crime is becoming more prevalent in our community; the number of primary school children in pupil referral units in England has more than doubled since 2011. With the cuts to schools and youth services, the younger generation is in...

community hero

20 April 2020

Inspiring others as a youth and community volunteer

At the University of Bolton, we aim to provide you with fantastic opportunities to enjoy your chosen career. We pride ourselves on being a teaching intensive and a supportive place of study. We also recognise that, even when you leave Un...

health social care carer reading ipad LR2

15 December 2019

Service User Involvement Initiative in Higher Education

Across our health and social care programmes, service user involvement is not a tokenistic add-on to our student teaching and learning. This initiative is embedded as a key ethos of our education practice in training futu...

From the University of Bolton Creative Technologies Department, students working together in the Social Learning Zone (SLZ)

12 June 2019

New Third Year Modules - Community Development and Youth Work

Two years ago, our dual validated and professionally recognised BA (Hons) Community Development and Youth Work program began its journey. As we head towards a third year, the program team prepare for the delivery of new third-year module...

HWB COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Community Student Groupoptimised2

10 June 2019

Team's Fringe Benefits - Community Development and Youth Work

There is something a bit special about the Community Development and Youth Work Team in that we cannot resist the occasional challenge. In the fast-moving world of social science, and in particular community development and youth work, i...



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