The transition from school and college to university for young people is one of the most important times of their life so far and will undoubtedly involve some huge decisions. Choices that young people make now can affect the path of their future and parents and supporters of young people play an important role in helping them decide.

Higher education

UK higher education, or HE, is an umbrella term referring to qualifications studied after Level 3 study (for example A Levels, BTEC, Access diplomas and NVQ). There are many different HE qualifications, and many different routes to obtain them; higher education is accessible to everyone regardless of their situation or background.

Key dates & Information

A young person’s journey to Higher Education begins when they start thinking about what they want to do after they have finished school or college and continues until they are enrolled onto a course.

We have put together some useful information about Key Dates and the application journey, please click on the links below to see more:

Preparing for University

Once your son or daughter has decided on what to do and where to go, has submitted their application through UCAS and checked out the key UCAS dates, they will likely be wondering what other steps they need to take to prepare for starting university. This may include applying for accommodation, student finance or even just finding out information about the town they may be living in.

Below you can find links to information relating to everything your son or daughter may need to know about:


You will often hear us (and many other institutions!) talking about ‘UCAS’, such as when we are advising a student how to search and apply for a course. So, for those who are unfamiliar, what is UCAS? UCAS is the University and Colleges Admissions Service and “is an independent charity providing information, advice, and admissions services to inspire and facilitate educational progression”.

In the main, UCAS is an application service used by higher education institutes across the UK – it is very likely that your son or daughter will use the service if they are going to be applying for full-time undergraduate study. If they are choosing another route through higher education, it is possible that they will apply using UCAS however some study routes may have their own application form. Having said this, most young people looking at higher education will almost certainly have some sort of interaction with UCAS. Here are some quick facts:

  • UCAS has four main application services:

UCAS Undergraduate
UCAS Conservatoires
UCAS Teacher Training
UCAS Postgraduate (UKPASS)

  • UCAS Undergraduate receive over three million applications every year
  • There is an application fee of between £13-24* for UCAS Undergraduate, depending on how many choices are used, which makes up a large proportion of their income and allows the service to remain impartial
  • Universities also have to pay a fee for each student who is accepted at their institution
  • UCAS provide impartial advice to anyone considering higher education
  • There are a number of UCAS fairs and conferences held throughout the year

If you want to find out more about UCAS, please visit their website.

*please note: this fee is correct in July 2017. For up to date application fee information please visit the UCAS website (

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