University of Bolton National Centre for Motorsport Engineering (NCME) and Kayan Aviation Capital Limited presents

Nayak Engineering Scholarship (NES)

A one year tuition fee waiver scholarship award.

TWO awards are offered every academic year for the five years starting from September, 2019.

Purpose of the Scholarship

Dr. Uday Nayak is the Group Chairman of Kayan Aviation Holdings Ltd. Dr. Nayak recognises the potential of encouraging high calibre STEM students to read engineering. The scholarship aims to attract the most able students via a fee waiver in their final year along with a £2,000 cash bursary. Without NES some of the most able candidates may be prevented from reading for a degree due to finances.

UK PLC faces a considerable challenge in recruiting the most gifted young people for careers in STEM. Many companies reported an ageing workforce in many engineering disciplines and are worried how their business can be sustained without a progression of talent from schools and Universities. 

Dr. Nayak has recognised the issue the skill shortage in industry and the intervention needed to attract high calibre youth into engineering.

The financial scholarship will attract these young people to read STEM subjects instead of other areas.

Extent of the Scholarship

NES will be awarded to qualifying students at the beginning of the first year of the relevant degree program. The financial drawdown of the scholarship monies will be distributed in the final year of studies subject to making good progress throughout the course.

Students must have selected the University of Bolton as first choice through UCAS by “decline by default” (early May in the year of starting the course).

The NES is a ONE YEAR tuition fee waiver plus £2,000 cash bursary (paid as monthly stipend of £200 per month for 10 months) for qualifying students reading a higher education degree course offered by the National Centre for Motorsport Engineering or the wider School of Engineering at the University of Bolton.


To a qualifying or eligible student (see below), NES is worth up to a maximum of one year published home tuition fee plus £2,000 bursary for help with living expenses. For 2018, the tuition fee is set at £9,250 per year and this fee will rise in line with inflation as approved through the new UK Government regulator – Office for Students. As an example, home student tuition fees rose from £9,000 per year in 2012 to £9,250 per year in 2018.

The tuition fee is waived for a qualifying student via NES for the FINAL year of the normal duration of the course and NES aims to attract the most talented students to the University of Bolton’s undergraduate degree courses in engineering. Terms and Conditions are set out at the end of this document.

TWO NES awards are available in each academic year from September 2019 for five years (2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023) and the first two qualifying or eligible applications received by the set deadline of the first day of September in the relevant intake year, will be given the scholarship subject to the stated Terms and Conditions. 

In the event of two or more qualifying applicants applying for NES (submitting the form electronically via the website) at the same time, then the University Provost or relevant senior academic directed by the President & Vice Chancellor, will decide which one applicant under this collision of applicants is granted the award. This decision will be based on the personal statement on the application form.

The award is restricted to one award per student, hence the fee waiver will only be applied for the FINAL year of the normal duration of the course and the bursary will be paid as monthly stipend across 10 months during the FINAL year of the course. All applications to NES must be received by 1st September in the respective year of entry and evidence pointing to student’s UCAS application and results will need to be provided, however the applicant must select the University of Bolton as their first choice through UCAS by the decline by default date in the month of May of the year of intake (eligible applicants will be reminded).


NES is offered to U.K. and E.U. students only who are studying on their first full-time undergraduate degree and progressing from the institutions named in the Annex.

NES will not be awarded to individuals in addition to other bursaries and scholarships available at the University of Bolton throughout the duration of the course.

The NES is available to students who reside in the United Kingdom and have completed their five years of high school and two years of further education from any of the named institutions either singularly or in combination in the Annex of this document and then progress to an engineering related degree course at the University of Bolton offered through NCME or the wider School of Engineering.

If your school/college is not listed in the Annex please contact your Principal/Headteacher and request that they contact the University Provost Dr Zubair Hanslot: ku.ca1582495664.notl1582495664ob@to1582495664lsnaH1582495664.Z1582495664 to agree a progression accord.

NES will only be offered to students who achieve ABB grade profile (128 UCAS points at A2 (New Tariff)) and the applicant is accepted in Year 1 of the relevant degree course.

NES is only open to students who completed their GCSE and A Level/Diploma studies at one or more of the institutions listed in the Annex either singularly or in combination. It is a reoccurring scholarship for subsequent intakes where two awards are offered for a maximum of five academic years from September, 2019 however only one award will be given to a qualifying student. 

Students must achieve a minimum 128 UCAS points (New Tariff) from a HEFCE approved qualification such as:

  • A-levels (ABB+) from maximum of three subjects, achieved at the first sitting in the final exams within the academic year of application.
  • BTEC NQF Qualifications (DDM) or equivalent from maximum of three subjects achieved at the first sitting in the final assessment within the academic year of application.
  • A combination of A-levels and BTECs is acceptable.

Applicants must also meet the general entry requirements for the University and the specific course to which they are applying. All qualifications must be verified by UCAS or by the University of Bolton.

Students must have selected University of Bolton as first choice through UCAS by ‘Decline by Default’ (early May in the year of starting the course).

The course must be delivered at the University of Bolton and not at a partner or franchise partner college.

The Scholarship will be paid for first Higher Education (H.E.) courses only. If the applicant has previously commenced on a H.E. course of study, they will not be eligible to receive the scholarship.

Students must be studying full time on a course with tuition fees of £9,250 or the equivalent tuition fee for full time undergraduate course in the intake year.

The following categories of students are not eligible to receive the NES:

  • Students who apply by advanced/direct entry.
  • Students studying a Foundation Degree/HND.
  • Students undertaking a postgraduate initial teacher training course. Students undertaking a postgraduate qualification.
  • Students “topping-up” from a Foundation Degree, HND or equivalent course. Students transferring from another institution.
  • Students whose tuition fees are paid or part-paid through a sponsorship arrangement, for example by an employer.
  • Students undertaking industrial or work experience on a full time “sandwich” basis will not be eligible to receive the bursary during their “sandwich” period. Students studying abroad will not be eligible to receive the scholarship during their period of study abroad.
  • Students who are not eligible to receive a tuition fee loan from the Student Loan Company.

How to apply

Applications will open after the decline-by-default date, on 4 June 2020 for the 20/21 award and will close on 1 September 2020.


Payments will be made as a fee waiver of the FINAL year of the normal duration of the course plus 10 x £200 per month stipend during the FINAL year of the normal duration of the course. The student must be in receipt of a tuition fee loan for the academic year and Student Data Management will waive the fees for the year and contact Student Finance England to advise the tuition fee loan is not required. The stipend will be paid into the student’s bank account by Financial Services.

NES will be reviewed at the end of each academic year of study for the relevant student and adjustments made based on the Terms and Conditions given below.

For the latest information please contact:

Terms and conditions

Students must maintain a 60% average pass rate in each academic year of the course for the scholarship to be paid in the final academic year of the course.

Payments will be terminated if the student withdraws, transfers to another institution, fails their programme of study, has to repeat study or interrupts or suspends their studies.

Payments are subject to continuing and satisfactory attendance on the course.

Please note all information given on this summary is provisional and subject to change.


List of approved high schools, FE and sixth form colleges and UTCs in the UK that qualify for NES

  • Bolton College
  • UTC Bolton
  • Bolton Muslim Girls School
  • St James CE School
  • (more schools and colleges will be added to the list)