Care-Leavers Bursary 2017/18

The Care-Leavers Bursary may be awarded to full-time U.K. undergraduate students who commence their course of study at University of Bolton from the academic year 2017/18, and who are Care Leavers, having lived in a Care setting for at least 12 months in the last five years. Students must be progressing to a University of Bolton undergraduate Higher Education (H.E.) course. The award is not subject to household income assessment.


£1,000 cash per academic year subject to continual fulfilment of the eligibility criteria.


In order to qualify for the bursary students must have demonstrated that they are:

  • A home (UK) student paying tuition fees to University of Bolton in 2018/19 and subsequent academic years via tuition fee loan or self-funded. Students whose tuition fees are paid by a sponsor for example an employer or students who are externally registered whose tuition fees are paid to the institution they are attending will not be eligible to receive the award.
  • Studying a full-time undergraduate course which is delivered on campus at University of Bolton.
  • Commencing on their course from September 2017 or later.
  • A Care leaver who has lived in a Care setting for a period of a minimum of twelve months within the last five years.


To apply please complete the application form below:

Care Leaver’s Bursary application form

Payment of the Bursary

The Bursary will be paid by eight monthly instalments in each academic year on the 18th of every month, for September starters payments will be made from November to June inclusive. Payments will be £125 per month payable direct into the student’s bank account. Payments for January starters will be made in March, April, May, June, November, December, January and February for each year of study.

Payment is subject to continued attendance and satisfactory progression on the course of study.

Financial Support 

– In addition to the financial support students receive from the Student Loans Company the non means tested Care Leavers Bursary of £1,000 will be available in each academic year of study subject to continual fulfilment of the eligibility criteria.

– Financial health checks are available with the Student Funding Advisors to ensure that students are receiving the correct student funding.

– Budgeting advice and personal budget plans are available.

Accommodation support  

– We will give priority to Care Leavers when allocating Halls of Residence accommodation.

– Provide accommodation in Halls of Residence during the summer vacation period.

–  Support students in their search for accommodation both during term time and during the vacation period if they do not want to move into the Halls of Residence.

– For accommodation advice please contact the administrator:

Tel:  01204 903481

Email: ku.ca1558575289.notl1558575289ob@mm1558575289occa1558575289

Additional Support, Advice and Guidance 

– Confidential advice and support on a wide range of academic and pastoral issues from one of the university’s Student Liaison Officers.

– Support from one of the Student Advisors in Student Services.

– Support, advice and help in accessing other services in the university and the Students’ Union.

For further information please contact:

Ms Karen Bentley Student Funding Advisor or Mrs Carol Gray Bursaries and Scholarships Advisor:

Tel: 01204 903497/903499

E mail: ku.ca1558575289.notl1558575289ob@gn1558575289idnuf1558575289tnedu1558575289ts:ot1558575289liam1558575289

Bursary payments will be terminated if the student withdraws, transfers to another institution or fails their programme of study. Bursary payments will be suspended if a student interrupts or suspends their studies.

Bursaries will not be paid to students undertaking industrial or work experience on a full time “sandwich” basis. Students studying abroad will not be eligible to receive the Bursary.

Please note information given is provisional and may be subject to change.

 Student Services version 2 last updated April 2017


Ms Karen Bentley
Student Funding Advisor
Tel: 01204 903497


Mrs Carol Gray
Bursaries and Scholarships Advisor
Tel: 01204 903499

Email: ku.ca1558575289.notl1558575289ob@gn1558575289idnuf1558575289tnedu1558575289ts1558575289