Over the coming academic year there will be a number of targeted investment initiatives in research to strengthen our TIRI agenda and the quality of our submission for REF2021. In order to help colleagues plan ahead the deadlines for the main initiatives have now been decided and are highlighted below.



Deadline for submissions – 5pm on 11 June 2018

The 2019 Jenkinson Awards are designed to continue to support embryonic research initiatives in the context of TIRI. The principal aim of the fund, in line with our 2015-2020 Strategic Plan and in our Research Plan, is to “Improve the quality of research activities which support teaching”.

The schedule for the Jenkinson Research Awards Scheme 2019 is being brought forward from the usual late Autumn period to late Spring 2018.  The reasons for this are:

  • To better align the award period with the financial year (awards will be made for the period 1 August 2018 to 31 July 2019)
  • To accelerate the awards and the outputs of the projects in the context of the deadlines for REF2021 (the deadline for REF2021 research outputs is November 2020)
  • To enable the Jenkinson 2020 scheme to start earlier than would otherwise be the case (ie 1 August 2019).

This year the application process will be online only using a submissions portal within the Bristol Online Survey system.  The portal will open on the 10 May 2018.


The fund is designed to support research activities which will lead to further research success at a higher level. This would include but not be limited to:

  • The design and execution of a pilot study which might lead to a larger project;
  • Preparatory work in relation to external research bids which would lead to external funding for research;
  • Specific activities which would enable a researcher who has already published achieve a higher level of publication possibly for example in a more prestigious journal;
  • Supporting a member of staff who has recently completed a PhD and would be able to move on to publishing in a peer-reviewed context;
  • Preliminary work to secure the business case to support the co-funding by an external body to mount an exhibition;
  • Support to turn a conference paper into a peer-reviewed research output in a journal;
  • Other activities not listed above which address the principal aim of the fund. If in doubt as to eligibility please email ku.ca1585656439.notl1585656439ob@ee1585656439hgcm.1585656439p1585656439


  • Applicants must be University employees who would be eligible for submission to the REF2021.
  • All outputs generated or supported by the projects must in principle be eligible for submission to the REF2021.
  • Students may be involved in the work related to the proposal but cannot be applicants or Grant Holders.
  • This fund is not designed to cover PhD studentships or associated costs.
  • Colleagues who are actively doing a PhD will have to demonstrate how their PhD work will not be delayed by virtue of a Jenkinson Award. Jenkinson Awards are not available to support PhD work per se. It is recommended that colleagues actively doing a PhD consider being part of another colleague’s bid/project in a supportive role.


Applications will be judged on the following criteria:

  • The extent to which the proposal supports the TIRI agenda and the University’s Research Strategy, that is: “improves the quality of research activities which support teaching”;
  • The extent to which the proposal is likely to lead to outputs which will improve the University’s REF2021 performance. That is, the outputs are of high quality, likely to be part of a REF2021 submission, and creates additional options for Impact Case Studies;
  • Overall value for money.


This year the application process will be online only using a submissions portal within the Bristol Online Survey system.  The portal will open on the 10 May 2018.

In order to make a bid please log into the applications portal at; and ensure your application is made by 5pm on 11 June 2018.


  • It is anticipated that no individual award will normally be for more than £5k.
  • Joint applications are welcome, but one individual must be identified as the administrative contact.
  • There is in principle no upper limit on the number of applications an individual or group of individuals can make. However, it is not anticipated that there will be more than two applications from any one individual.
  • Applications involving more than one School are welcome, particularly where it can be demonstrated that the benefits are potentially more widely spread.
  • Applications from, or including, researchers who are likely to be classified as Early Career Researchers (ECRs) are particularly welcome.
  • External co-researchers or partners can be part of the research team involved in the bid but the project must be led in every respect by an eligible proposer as specified above.
  • Requests for funding to reduce teaching or other responsibilities are eligible, but any such reductions will only be supported where there is not already scope for research work in the proposer’s timetable in the context of the workload allocation model.
  • The funds must be spent by 31 July 2019
  • Please note that all awards are subject to Heads of School agreeing to the arrangements with the successful applicant, and applicants are strongly recommended discussing their application with their Head of School before submission. Any award will be subject to satisfactory arrangements being agreed with the Head of School in relation to the delivery and management of the project.
  • In line with the University’s Research Strategy, only projects which are linked to a REF candidate area are fundable.


Download a copy of the Jenkinson Awards 2018 Application Form here (Word Document).