The Student Support Fund is to help students facing financial hardship. It can provide non-repayable awards to students who are having money troubles or have an unexpected emergency to deal with. The fund is discretionary, so whether or not you get an award depends on your individual circumstances and on the availability of funds. The fund is not intended to be used to fund individual students lifestyle choices or non-essential expenditure.

TEF Silver Award


The University of Bolton Student Support Fund – Eligibility checklist details and the full eligibility requirements can be found by collecting an application pack from the student centre.

Applicants must have applied for and be in receipt of their full student loan entitlement and must have received their first instalment before applying to the fund. All eligible students who apply to the Student Support Fund will be considered. Certain groups of students will be given priority when applying to the Student Support Fund. These include:

  • Students with children
  • Final year students
  • Students unable to work due to long term illness or disability (evidence of this must be provided)

For more information regarding the Student Support Fund, please click here.

How can I apply?

Application forms and further guidance can be collected from the Student Centre, Chancellors Mall. We can also send application packs by post, please telephone +44 (0)1204 903 484 or email: ku.ca1573538120.notl1573538120ob@FS1573538120SBOU1573538120. In order for us to assess your application you must provide the following documents as a minimum:

  • Student finance notification letter
  • student loan payment schedule
  • copies of bank statements for ALL accounts you (and your partner if applicable)  have covering a three month period – all transactions over £100 must be explained.
  • mini statement confirming the balance of your account(s) on the date of application
  • Evidence of rent/mortgage

You will also need to provide other documentary evidence dependent on your individual circumstances such as child benefit and tax credit awards, evidence of partners income,  evidence of childcare costs etc. A checklist of evidence can be found here. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and the 1st or 2nd assessing officer reserve the right to request other evidence in addition to this. 

All evidence submitted must be photocopies as we cannot return the originals.

Assessment of applications

Student Support Fund applications are assessed using guidelines provided by the National Association of Student Money Advisors (NASMA). We will look at your income and expenditure over the period of an academic year. Further information about what is included in the income and expenditure calculations can be found in the application pack.

Processing timescale 

The University aims to deal with complete Student Support Fund applications within 28 working days. If there is evidence or information missing from your application this will be returned to you. For further information about the fund please collect an application pack from the Student Centre, Chancellors Mall.

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