TEF Silver Award

Course related enquiries can be varied but generally include any question or query related specifically to your course of study, for example, assignment submission, Mitigating Circumstances forms, module choice/change forms, assignment extension request forms, transcripts, lecture timetables, exam timetables, changing courses, tutor contact details, module results, refer/defer work.

All queries (including course related queries) will be dealt with in the first instance by the team of Student Advisors who are based in the Student Centre, Chancellor’s Mall and offer information, advice and guidance on a wide range of student support issues.

Some specific course related enquiries may be referred on to the Academic Administration team who are located centrally in the office behind the Student Advisors.

Assignment submission boxes are be located in Chancellor’s Mall, the Library Link Zone (next to the self issue laptops), and on ‘B’ corridor in Deane campus, along with assignment submission sheets and instructions.