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NHS Surcharge – Effective from 6th April 2015

Effective from 6th April 2015 a National Health Service (NHS) Surcharge will be introduced for Overseas Visitors.

For Tier 4 students and their dependants the surcharge will be £150 per applicant for each year they will be in the UK. For Entry Clearance applications this surcharge will be payable when applying to study a course lasting 6 months or longer. For students who are making Leave to Remain applications to extend their leave in the UK the surcharge applies for any course length.

For extensions of six months or less the surcharge will be charged at £75, for extensions six months or longer the full surcharge of £150 will be charged.

You can calculate the NHS surcharge you will need to pay using the gov.uk webpage

The NHS surcharge is mandatory and must be paid in full at the point of making an application for Tier 4 leave. The additional time at the end of your course will also be included when calculating the amount you must pay. For example if you are applying for a visa to undertake a three-year undergraduate degree programme you will be required to pay £525 for the NHS surcharge (three and a half years x £150).

The NHS surcharge will be refunded to you if your visa application is refused. However if you decide not to travel or you leave the UK earlier than expected you will not receive any refund.

Once you have paid the NHS surcharge you will be entitled to use the NHS in the same way as a permanent resident for the duration of your visa. You will be required to pay for some services such as prescriptions, dental treatment and Opticians.

For information about the NHS and the surcharge can be found on the UKCISA webpage.


Last reviewed April 2016.