If your studies at the university are continuing beyond the expiry date of your Tier 4 visa it may be possible for you to extend your visa.

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Please note that the information on this page applies only to students who are continuing study on the same course. If you are extending your Tier 4 visa in order to undertake a new course there may be additional requirements which you must meet and the university’s Admissions team will confirm these.

In order to make a successful Tier 4 application you will need to apply for a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) which will be issued to you by the university. The CAS confirms that the university will continue to sponsor you under Tier 4 of the Points Based System and will only be issued to you once we are confident that you meet the Tier 4 requirements. In particular the university will check:

  • The time you have already spent studying in the UK
  • That your continued participation is required at the university
  • That you meet the Tier 4 requirements for academic progression and this is satisfactory to the university
  • That your attendance is satisfactory to the university
  • That you meet the Tier 4 maintenance requirements for tuition fees and living costs.

Tier 4 Maintenance Requirements:

Students who require an extension to their Tier 4 visa will need to provide evidence that they have money available to them to cover the cost of Tuition fees for the period of extension and their living costs for the duration of the extension up to a maximum of 9 months.

Living costs:

Students are required to have £1,015 for each month they are extending their visa up to a maximum of 9 months (£9,135).

How do I extend my Tier 4 visa?

If you are able to apply for an extension to your Tier 4 visa in the UK The Tier 4 application process is now online. Once the Immigration and Welfare Officer has confirmed that you meet the Tier 4 requirements and a CAS can be issued you will be sent instructions on how to complete the online application form.

The instructions will assist you with completing each section up to the ‘course details’. At this point of the application you will be required to save your progress and arrange an appointment with the Immigration and Welfare Officer. Alternatively you can email the pdf document to ku.ca1585657880.notl1585657880ob@no1585657880itarg1585657880immit1585657880nedut1585657880s1585657880.

Once your Tier 4 application has been checked an appointment  you will be provided with the CAS details and will complete the remainder of the Tier 4 online application. As part of the online visa application you will need to register and pay for the Immigration Health Surcharge.

Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)

From April 2015 any student applying for a new Tier 4 visa or applying to extend their Tier 4 visa will be required to pay an Immigration Health Surcharge as part of their visa application. Failure to pay the IHS will result in the application being refused.

IHS for Tier 4 students is £150 for each year. Part years less than 6 months will be charged at £75 and greater than 6 months £150.  The time is calculated from your course start date as stated on your CAS and includes any additional time which may be granted  at the end of your course.

You must keep the university informed of the progress of your Tier 4 application once you have submitted it. You will be required to provide scanned copies or photocopies of any correspondence your receive from UKVI relating to your Tier 4 application and present the visa which will be in the form of a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) to the Student Centre as soon as it is received.

Last Updated May 2017.