The university’s Immigration and Welfare Officer provides specialist support and guidance for the University of Bolton’s International students. We can advise or signpost students on a wide range of issues from immigration matters to personal and welfare matters which may impact on your studies or overall student experience. We aim to provide a first class information, advice and guidance service to current and past students, staff and visitors. We offer drop-in sessions and also run workshops for students.

TEF Silver Award

Immigration & Welfare Survey May 2016

The Immigration and Welfare Officer sent a short survey to students who had accessed the service by drop in or appointment in academic year 2015/16.

27 Students responded to the survey, all students who replied to the survey and included their student number were entered into a prize draw which was drawn on 23 May 2016 and the winner was notified and has collected the £25 Amazon Voucher.

Thank you to all the students who participated in the survey. This will be repeated each academic year and the results will be used to improve the Immigration and Welfare Service.

If students would like to provide feedback on the service they have received from the Immigration and Welfare Officer this can be done online  or you can complete a comments card available in the Student Centre.

The results of the May 2016 short survey can be found here

Latest News and Updates

Home Office Warning of Tier 4 Telephone Scam

The Home Office has made us aware of the following telephone scam which is currently targeting Tier 4 students and applicants. We would like all our students to be aware of this and to take extra care when dealing with UKVI and the Home Office.

Details of the Scam:

The student receives a telephone call from an individual who falsely claims to represent the Home Office.
The caller asks the student to verify their telephone number on the website, search for Home Office, and then scroll down to the bottom of the screen so that they can verify that the caller is calling from the genuine Home Office number.  The caller ID on the student’s mobile does show this number.

The caller already has the students full name, postcode in the UK and passport number, and asks the student to confirm those details are correct.  They then proceed to tell the student they have not paid for an immigration service and, as a result, have to pay a fine (usually £1200 – £1520) or they will be reported to the Police/or the Home Office who will detain or deport them.

Students who have been targeted have reported that the fraudsters become increasingly insistent and verbally aggressive resulting in them feeling coerced into making payment.

If you receive a call like this please do not make any payments. We would ask that you contact the Home Office to report any suspicious activity.

Increase in application fees- 06 April 2016

With effect from 06 April 2016, there will be an increase in the cost of making a Tier 4 application in the UK. The application fee for a postal application (standard service) will be £448. The cost of making a dependant application will also increase to £448 per dependant. The application fee for an in-person application (premium service) will be £948 for both main applicant and dependants.

Priority service

Effective from April 2016 there is a new priority service which applicants may wish to use when applying within the UK. The cost of this service is £823 and UK Visas and Immigration will aim to make a decision on your application within 10 working days. Applicants wishing to use this service must complete and submit a Tier 4 Priority Request form and if accepted will be sent an email advising them to apply within 24 hours. Students wishing to use the Priority service should contact the Immigration and Welfare Officer for further details.

The application fee for other Immigration applications has also increased. Please check the UKVI webpages for more information

Changes in Tier 4 maintenance requirements

Effective from 12 November 2015 the Tier 4 maintenance requirements will change.

The amount required will increase to £1,015 for every month that a student will continue studying in the UK up to a maximum of 9 months – £9,135.

Students applying for an extension to their studies or applying to extend their visa for a new course in the UK will no longer qualify for the established presence from 12 November 2015. Students applying for an extension to their visa will be required to evidence that they have £1,015 for each month that they will extend their studies up to the maximum of 9 months.

NHS Surcharge – Effective from 06 April 2015

Effective from 06 April 2015 overseas visitors will be required to pay an NHS surcharge when making their visa applications. Further information can be found here.

Current students who have a valid visa which was granted before 06 April 2015 will continue to receive NHS care and are not required to pay the NHS surcharge. This surcharge will only be payable if you need to extend your current leave.

Biometric Enrolment

Students can now complete the Biometric Enrolment at the Bolton town centre branch of the Post Office. The cost of the Biometric Enrolment is £19.20. To find other Post Office’s that offer the Biometric Enrolment Service please check the Post Office website

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Last Updated April 2016.