TEF Silver Award

The Disability Service Support Surveys are your opportunity to provide feedback about the support and guidance you have received from our service. The survey will give you a chance to tell us your thoughts about your experience regarding aspects of your Disability support. It is also your opportunity to tell us what you have found useful and suggest areas that you feel could be improved upon.

The feedback you provide will help shape the service delivered.


Typically the Disability Service Feedback Survey launches in March each year. This takes place in the Chancellor’s Mall on a stall manned by the Disability Team.

Who is Eligible?

All current students are welcome to complete the Disability Service Feedback Survey.

Is it Anonymous?

The survey is anonymous and all of your responses will be held in the strictest confidence. We will only contact you regarding any of your responses if you request us to.

Previous Feedback

“They listen, are not judgemental and are welcoming”

“Always have a fast response which is very helpful and I am always helped fully.”

Latest results

Previous results from the surveys can be found below:

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Support Satisfaction Survey 2014/15 – 2015/16