TEF Silver Award

The links below are to policies and procedures that have been written by the Disability Service for reference by staff and students.

Disclosure Form
For use by staff members when a student discloses a disability. This should be completed with the student and then passed to the Disability Service.

Disclosure Guidance Notes
For use by staff completing a student disclosure form.

Referral Form
This form is to be completed by the student and sent to the Disability Service when a student discloses a disability/health condition/mental health difficulty.

Notification Procedure
Procedure used by the Disability Service when notifying a student’s academic School of their individual requirements and arising reasonable adjustments.

Procedure for Individual Examination Arrangements
Policy and procedure used by the Disability Service when a student requires individual examination arrangements.

Individual Examination Arrangements Flowchart
Flowchart to summarise the Individual Examination Arrangements Procedure.

Policy on Student Mental Health
The policy offers support and advice to students plus sources of support for staff in assisting students with mental health difficulties.

Guidelines on Student Mental Health and Wellbeing
Basic guidance for staff on identifying warning signs, symptoms and behaviour for students to identify mental health difficulties and to promote positive mental health.

Sources of Support for Staff in Assisting Students with Mental Health Difficulties
Support networks contact details with a view to informing or advising students on possible sources of appropriate support across the University.

The Charter for Non-Medical Help Providers
The University of Bolton expects all NMH providers supporting their students to adhere to the principles of the NMH charter and has adopted these principles to ensure students using these providers receive a quality service.

Information for Students on arranging non-medical helper (NMH) support with University of Bolton’s partership providers
An information sheet outlining how you can access your non-medical helper support using the University of Bolton’s chosen support suppliers.

Information for Students on recruiting your own non-medical helper (NMH) support
An information sheet outlining how you can access your non-medical helper support using your own chosen support supplier.

SpLD Marking Guidelines
Guidelines for academic staff to use when marking the work of students with Specific Learning Difficulties.