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We aim to ensure that all disabled students are well supported during their studies at the University of Bolton.

Let us know that you have individual requirements!

It is important that international students who have any support requirements inform us as early as possible. This is so that we can ensure that you are fully supported upon your arrival and advise you on the funding of this support.

There is a space on the University’s direct application form for you to tell us if you consider yourself to be disabled. Please be assured that disclosure of this information will not affect your application to study at the University of Bolton, all applications are judged on academic standards. If you would prefer to contact us separately regarding your requirements, please feel free to do so.

What support is available for disabled international students?

On receipt of a specialist report or medical evidence (written in English) the Disability Service can put in place the following support as required, for when your studies begin:

  • Accessible accommodation in the Halls of Residence
  • Access to car parks
  • Liaising with tutors concerning your individual requirements, with your express written permission. The information that is sent to your tutors will be agreed with you before it is sent. Examples of requirements could be:
    • Printed materials in an alternative format (braille, large print, on coloured paper etc.)
    • Materials in advance of lectures
    • Directed reading lists
  • Individual exam arrangements (in line with the Individual Exam Arrangements Procedure for Disabled Students), for example:
    • Extra time for exams
    • Use of a scribe/reader
    • Rest breaks
    • Use of a room with minimal distraction or an individual room
    • Use of a computer
    • Alternative format exam papers
  • Library book loan extensions
  • Help with retrieving and collecting Library books
  • Loans of equipment (laptops, digital voice recorders, ergonomic chairs, lumbar cushions, footrests)

Who will pay for support costs?

There are no specific grants available for disabled international students. However, under the Equality Act, institutions have a duty to make reasonable adjustments, which might include providing adapted equipment, note-takers or assistants. The Disability Service also has an equipment loan scheme that you may be able to access, once you have provided evidence of your disability (which must be written in English).

However, if you need human assistance with day to day living, you may need to find funding for this yourself. This can be expensive, as labour costs in the UK are high compared to some countries. If you do required human support for personal care, please contact us to discuss your individual requirements, so that we can advise you on the support that can be made available. You should do this as soon as you apply to study at the University of Bolton.

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