Student praise the University’s support following Cube fire

By 17/12/2019Students

German Alina Kurz was one of more than 200 students displaced after the fire at The Cube and has praised the support from the community. Alina, comes from Konstanz, a town on the Swiss-German border, and is in the midst of a four-year degree in Psychology at the University of Konstanz. She arrived in the UK in September to begin her year-long exchange programme at the University of Bolton.

Alina was at home in her third-floor apartment in the when the devastating fire broke out last month. She said: “I was watching a movie when I heard a lot of noise outside. When I went out I could already feel the heat from the flames on the floor above me and it wasn’t a big fire then. I banged on the doors of my flatmates, collected some stuff quickly and ran. I was very upset at first but then I spoke to my flat mate and she was really upset as her dad’s ashes were in her room. Helping her gave me a purpose. Everyone has been absolutely amazing; I haven’t been alone at all and I have been showered with donations at the University. It has been special and so sweet.”

Prof Jerome Carson, Professor of Psychology at the University of Bolton, said: “Alina is a great student and lovely person and it is amazing the care and support that so many people have shown her.”