Fire and Evacuation

Fire Service

In an emergency always call 999.

To contact Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service about anything else, please visit their website. For instance, you can request a Safe and Well visit to your home for personalised fire safety advice and, if necessary, to fit your home with free fire alarms. 

For contact details for any other UK Fire and Rescue Service visit the Fire Service website.

Fire Evacuation Procedure

The purpose of the procedures is to ensure safe evacuation of the University's premises in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Emergency Alarms

The emergency evacuation alarm is a siren. In the event of the sounding of the alarm all persons should evacuate the buildings following the procedures set out below.

Action to be taken by students

  1. As directed by staff, when the alarm sounds close windows and switch off all machines, gas valves, equipment and electrical appliances (other than LSS computer installations).
  2. Leave the building by the nearest designated emergency exit in accordance with the instructions given by staff, closing doors as directed. 
  3. Assist disabled students as required. In the event that any disabled student is unable to be evacuated, you should assist the member of staff to ensure the Controller is aware of the location of the disabled student, and any other relevant information which may assist in the evacuation of that student. 
  4. Do not re-enter unless advised by a member of staff known to you.
  5. On no account use lifts.
  6. Do not take holdalls, briefcases or any other bulky items which would impede evacuation. Do not go searching for personal belongings. 
  7. On evacuation report to the designated assembly point irrespective of the exit by which the building was evacuated. Do not congregate in any area which is not  an assembly point and do not leave the assembly point unless authorised by a recognised member of staff. Please note, there are no internal assembly points.
  8. If you are concerned that another student has not been able to evacuate the building please advise a member of staff of that person's last known location.


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