Policy Statement

All staff, partner staff and contractors, and Governors are required to adopt procedures and practices that ensure the security, integrity and protection of information created and held by The University of Bolton, and to abide by the University’s rules for the use of computer systems.

  1. Acceptable Use Policy
  2. Information Security Policy Set
  3. Guidance on Security with Mobile Devices
  4. Internet Security Policy

Acceptable Use Policy for Computers, and Information Systems

The Acceptable Use Policy sets out the obligations placed on all users of University computers, networks and information systems.

Highlighted points from the policy:

  • All staff and students must use their email address for University correspondence
  • The University is asking staff not to use their email for conducting or retaining personal/non-work related correspondence
  • All staff need to be aware of the University’s security classifications for data and information and take steps to protect data accordingly e.g. in email attachments, on pen drives, when accessing data from home

Information Security Policy Set (single document)

The Information Security Policy Set is a single document containing the policy statements and controls that staff, students, partner organisations, Governors must adhere to in order to ensure  the safe management  of University information, data and systems.

Guidance for the Use of Mobile Devices

Mobile devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets, pen drives, CD/DVD rom etc) are portable media devices and their mobility adds additional risks to safeguarding University data and info e.g. through device loss, theft or damage. The Guidance on Information Security with Mobile Devices sets out the practices and safeguards that staff, partner staff, contractors and researchers must adopt when accessing or moving University data, including email, around on portable media.