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Human Resources, in partnership with Payroll and IST, have introduced a web-based application designed to allow employees of the University of Bolton to access, review and update personal information that is held within the university’s HR & Payroll system. We are pleased to welcome you to myHR.

Whilst using myHR you will be able to view and update details such as a change to name, address, sensitive information, contact information, emergency contacts, next of kin and private vehicle information.

myHR will also allow you to view and print your current and previous payslips.

The myHR application may only be accessed from your place of work; when doing so please be aware of the potential security concerns when viewing your confidential data. Simply log in using your existing university User ID and password.

To provide assistance when using myHR, Human Resources have produced the following set of guidance:-

myHR Quick Guide  This document highlights the key features ‘at a glance’.

myHR User Guide The purpose of this document is to provide an in-depth, step by step guide through each area of myHR.

myHR FAQs For further information on specific queries.

Access to myHR is available through the Staff Hub homepage.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact Human Resources at ku.ca1585662211.notl1585662211ob@rh1585662211