Investors in People

The Investors In People (IIP) standard was developed in the 1990s, as a national framework aiming to improve organisational performance by linking staff development to organisational goals. The IIP framework and associated standard has gone through a number of revisions and is now held by some 14,000 organisations.

The university first achieved accreditation back in 2001. Having more recently obtained the standard in January 2014, it is now due for re-accreditation this year – three years from the latest assessment.

Key Features of the IiP Process 

a)    Context meeting and self-assessment with senior stakeholders

b)    New online assessment – all employees complete an on-line questionnaire. The questionnaire asks set questions (grouped in the following indicators; leading and inspiring people. living the organisation values and behaviours, empowering and involving people, managing performance, recognising and rewarding high performance, structuring work, building capability, delivering continuous improvement and creating sustainable success. Employees are required to give ratings on a seven point scale (from strongly agree to strongly disagree).

c)    On-site assessment – during which interviews with a number of employees are untaken, observations carried out along with a desk top review of evidence.

Key Dates 

IiP Event Dates  IiP Context Meeting 28 February 2017 IiP Employee Online Survey 20 March –7 April 2017 IiP Onsite Visit 24 April – 27 April 2017 IiP Feedback meeting 2 May 2017

Our Ethos 

The University of Bolton is a public resource for professional knowledge and learning, working with and on behalf of people and organisations to solve practical problems.

We strongly believe that learning is fundamental to the transformation of individuals and society.

We are unrelenting in our desire to stay abreast of commercial, social, cultural and economic change and incorporate its impact in our courses and in our work with partners.

We celebrate excellence in others and willingly bring their good practice back into the university and into our partnerships.

We are proud that all elements of society are fully represented among our staff, students and partner organisations. We embrace diversity and value difference.

We show adaptability, rigour and flexibility in identifying and meeting the needs of individuals and organisations.

We respect and value the traditional role and achievements of scholars and universities while seeking to create a model of higher education which is focused on professionalism, innovation and application.

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