Mohammed Ali

Dr. Mohammed is a PhD holder and Teaching Fellow of the Higher Education Academy who is currently an active external PhD supervisor at the University of Bolton’s Centre for Islamic Finance and research assistant at the Alliance Manchester Business School. His research interests are digital strategy, technological innovation and organisational transformation. As a Teaching Fellow (FHEA), Dr. Mohammed as obtained a vast pool of knowledge in areas such as the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and the Research Excellence Framework. He also has a growing number of publications on Cloud Computing and ERP systems adoption, as well as contributing to several co-author publications in the area of Social Media, mHealth systems, IoT and Artificial Intelligence. He has been a reviewer for several research journals where he has shared his wide pool of knowledge, experience and skills. Dr. Mohammed is also an associate editor and a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the following journals.

Journal reviewer
• Encyclopaedia of Organizational Knowledge, Administration, and Technologies (IGI-Global)
• International Journal of Cloud Applications and Computing (IJCAC)
• Journal of Enterprise Information Management (JEIM)
• Associate Editor of International Journal of Information Technology and
• Communication Education (IJICTE)
• Editorial Advisory Board Member for the book "Encyclopaedia of Criminal Activities and the Deep Web
• Information Resources Management Journal (IRMJ ad hoc reviewers)
• Editor of an Edited Book titled "Fostering Communication and Learning with
• Editor of the Underutilized Technologies in Higher Education" at IGI Global

Dr. Mohammed has also been a reviewer for the British Academy of Management, Association for Information Systems, and the International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems. He has been a guest speaker in developing research and teaching in multidisciplinary subject areas of Business and Management. Dr. Mohammed is currently involved in several research projects in Digital transformation in the higher education sector and has recently submitted several book chapters and journal papers which are currently under review.

1. Ali, M. (2018). The Barriers and Enablers of the Educational Cloud: A Doctoral Student Perspective. Open Journal of Business and Management, 7(1), 1-24.
2. Ali, M. (2019). Cloud Computing at a Cross Road: Quality and Risks in Higher Education. Advances in Internet of Things, 9(3), 33-49.
3. Ali, M. B. (2019). Multiple Perspective of Cloud Computing Adoption Determinants in Higher Education a Systematic Review. International Journal of Cloud Applications and Computing (IJCAC), 9(3), 89-109.
4. Ali, M. B., Wood-Harper, T., & Mohamad, M. (2018). Benefits and challenges of cloud computing adoption and usage in higher education: a systematic literature review. International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems (IJEIS), 14(4), 64-77.
5. Ali, M., Saleh, S. & Ramlogan, R. (2019) Aspectual Analysis of E-Government Adoption Barriers: A Citizens Perspectives. British Academy of Management. BAM Conference 2019.
6. Ali, M., Wood-Harper, T., & Al-Gahtani, A. S. (2019). Contextual Analysis of Educational Monitoring and Progression as a Service (EMPaaS) System in Higher Education. Open Journal of Business and Management, 7(3), 1525-1542.
7. Mohamad, M. R. A., Ali, M., Abdullah, A. S., & El Fiky, A. S. (2018). The usage of social media and e-reputation system in global supply chain: comparative cases from diamond & automotive industries. International Journal of Communications, Network and System Sciences, 11(5), 69-103.
8. Seo, R., Ode, E., & Ali, M. (2015). Industrial cluster involvement and firm performance: The role of organizational learning of Clustering SMEs. Journal of Entrepreneurship and Venture Studies, 18(3), 23-50.

1. Ali, M. B., Wood-Harper, T., & Ramlogan, R. (2020). A Framework Strategy to Overcome Trust Issues on Cloud Computing Adoption in Higher Education. In Modern Principles, Practices, and Algorithms for Cloud Security (pp. 162-183). IGI Global.


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