In order to optimise your study time there are different areas, in and outside the Library, where you can do your work, depending on your preferences.

Within the Library there are open access areas, some desks with PCs and some without, Group Study rooms (where you can work with other people), a quiet study area and a silent study area.

Adjacent to the Library is the Social Learning Zone, where you can use your own laptop, or borrow one of ours, to work individually or in a group. The whole of the building is wireless enabled to facilitate this process. You can also make use of the equipment within the Technology Zone.

If you need to use a PC, the Library is available 24 hours a day, during term time. Other computer rooms are available on floor T2, and can be used whenever there are no classes being taught in them.


Group Study Rooms

Group Study Rooms are currently unavailable. We apologise for any inconvenience. 


Silent Study Zone

The Library has a Silent Study Zone where you can go if you wish to work undisturbed, booking is not required. This zone is specifically for silent study which means individual study only. Talking is not allowed in this room. The Silent Study Zone contains 48 PCs for individual work. Please book one of our Group Study rooms if you wish to work as a group.

Please use the Silent Study Zone in a considerate manner, respecting the needs of others. Food should not be brought into these and only drinks in bottles or with lids are allowed. Mobile phones should be switched off or set to silent.


The Developer’s Room

Preference given to Creative Technology Students between 9pm and 9am and at weekends. This room is fully open with 10 PCs available.


The Journals Area with 5 National Centre for Motor Sport Engineering PCs

Preference given to Motorsport Engineering students between 9pm and 9am and at weekends.