Within the Library there are seven self-service print, copy, scan machines (multi-functional devices) providing A3 and A4 size copies as well as reduction, enlargement and colour copy facilities (their locations are marked on the Library Floor Plan). The photocopiers are activated by your Student ID card and charges will be deducted from your printing/photocopying quota. 

Printing Help Guides


Printing From Mac


Large Format Printing

High quality colour posters, photos, banners and other large format prints can be produced on the Canon inkjet plotters within the Design Studio. Please refer to the Student Printing and Scanning section of the IT Support Sevices web pages for more information.  



What can I copy?

Most material can be copied as long as you comply with the copyright regulations. Copyright statements are displayed by each machine. If you are unsure about what you are allowed to copy please ask at the Library Desk or contact Steve Crimes.


Photocopying/Printing Charges
Black & white, on A4 paper (single sided) £0.04
Black & white, on A4 paper (double sided) £0.07
Black & white, on A3 paper (single sided) £0.06
Black & white, on A3 paper (double sided) £0.11
Black & white, on A4 acetate £0.14
Colour, on A4 paper (single sided)  £0.08
Colour, on A4 paper (double sided) £0.14
Colour, on A3 paper (single sided) £0.12
Colour, on A3 paper (double sided) £0.22
Colour, on A4 acetate £0.18

Top up your print/photocopy quota at the self-service machine in the Link Zone of the Library.  Printing in the Library is up to A3 size only, sizes larger than this are available in the Design Studio at Deane. 
Copying paper
White, A3 £0.05
Coloured, A4 £0.05
Overhead Projector (OHP) transparencies
Clear £0.10

Clear acetates are available from the Library Desk. Please note that ALLOHP transparencies sold by the Library Desk are unsuitable for use in Inkjet printers.


How do I pay for photocopying?

The cost of making a photocopy is automatically deducted from your print/photocopying quota. Please make sure you have enough money in your account before making a photocopy. You can top up your print/photocopy quota at the self-service machine in the Link Zone of the Library.


Making Photocopies

Please ask a member of staff for assistance.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the copy or if the machine jams, or runs out of paper, tell one of the Roving Assistants or report it to the Library Desk.


Enhanced Services

A photocopying service for those with a visual impairment or mobility problems is also available. We aim to guarantee a 24 hour service i.e. collect after 24 hours. Charges are the same as for self-service copies. Please contact the Library Desk for more information.


Visitors to the Library

Users of other university libraries who are members of various external access schemes can use the photocopying facilities within the library. Please ask at the Library Desk for a photocopying card.

Library Help & Support

Please don't hesitate to contact the Library Desk by email or by phone with specific questions regarding any of our services. Alternatively, visit the Library Desk when you are next on-campus.

Email: Contact the Library Desk

Telephone: 01204 903094 (during Library opening hours)

If you wish to contact the Library Desk duty co-ordinator:

Robert Gray
Email: Robert Gray
Telephone: 01204 903264 (during Library opening hours)

Roving Assistants
In addition to staff at the Library Desk there are Roving Assistants available in the Library to help with any queries. They can show you how to use the Library Catalogue, Self Service machines and how the shelving system is arranged as well as pointing you in the direction of all our services.

Help Desk
If the item you require is on loan you can always speak to a member of the staff at the Help Desk. The staff can see if the item is available as an e-book or suggest an alternative title if possible.

Email: Contact the Help Desk

Telephone: 01204 903404 (during Library opening hours)

Book Purchase Suggestion Scheme
If you have any recommendations for new titles you think we should buy for the library, please complete the Book Purchase Suggestions form. Purchase will be dependent upon their relevance, and the availability of funds.