A new Secure Electronic Delivery (SED), enabling faster delivery of journal articles via Inter-Library Loan, is now available to all University of Bolton staff, researchers and students.

SED, supplied by the British Library, allows journal article requests to be supplied electronically to a pre-defined email address and accessed via a hyperlink. The email is available to the end user for 14 days and can be opened at any time. Once opened the article must be printed immediately, as the link cannot be opened again or saved due to copyright restrictions.

Adobe reader version 4 or higher is required in order to open the hyperlink (Adobe Reader version 8.0 is standard on the University of Bolton network), and FileOpen plug-in (this is installed on University PCs).


What you will need to do:

1.Your computer should be installed with:

  • Adobe reader version 4 or above
  • FileOpen plug-in (this is installed on University PCs)

2. Download the free FileOpen plug-in from http://plugin.fileopen.com

3. In order to ensure that your machine is set up correctly for SED, please ensure you can open and print this British Library test document.

You should see this screen: "Congratulations you have successfully downloaded a FileOpen Secure Electronic Delivery document from the British Library"

4. Tick the SED box on our ILL request form

5. When the article arrives:

You will be notified by the British Library via an email containing a link to a PDF of the article
(from noreply@bldss.bl.uk).

The document can be downloaded once, and it cannot be saved to your computer or to a memory stick.


SED documents can be:

  • accessed for up to 14 days
  • opened more than once, but only on the computer it was first opened on
  • printed only once - make sure you have enough credit on your print account

Any attempt to access the document on another computer will fail due to digital copyright restrictions. You cannot store or retain the electronic copy for future use.

To find out more about this service, please make an appointment with a member of the Inter-Library Loans staff by calling 01204 903094 or ask a member of staff for details.