Three and one week loan items can be renewed up to a maximum of twenty times, providing they have not been reserved by another borrower. All other loan categories cannot be renewed.

Renewals are made automatically for current staff and students. Other users need to renew items themselves.

If you have over £5 in fines or an item has reached its maximum renewals allowance, items on loan to you cannot be renewed.

You will need to return any items reaching maximum renewals to the Library. If there are no reservations on the items, you will be able to borrow them again providing this does not exceed your borrowing limits.  


How can I renew items?

Library items can be renewed in the following ways:

Automatic renewal

The Library will renew your loans for you if you are a current student or member of staff. Automatic Renewal is done one day before your loans are due. We will email you to let you know which loans have successfully renewed (with the new due date) and which loans we have been unable to renew for you.

Automatic Renewal is set up to check your library account one day before a loan is due but you can renew your loans yourself before Automatic Renewal takes place or after Automatic Renewal has happened.


Log on to your Library account. For further help pick up a crib sheet in the Library or online: 

  1. Library Catalogue - My Account [PDF]


Call the Library Desk on 01204 903094 during Library Desk opening hours. Please have your University ID card number ready.

Self-Service machines

Simply place your ID card into the slot below the screen of the Self-Service machines in the Link Zone and then follow the on screen instructions.

In person

Take the items you wish to renew to the Library Desk, where staff can check and renew your loans for you.

If you have any queries about renewing your loans, please ask at the Library Desk or contact us



When an item you need is out on loan to another borrower you can reserve it so that when returned it is held at the Library Desk for you. You can reserve three week and one week loan types, all other loan types cannot be reserved.

You will not be able to reserve items if you have an outstanding fine on your account, if you have been sent an invoice for overdue items or if a loanable copy is available on the shelves.

Please note that it is not possible to reserve an item by a specific loan period, for example you cannot specify a three or one week loan, instead you will automatically be allocated the first copy that is returned.


How do I make a reservation?

You can reserve items on the Library Catalogue both in the Library and from home. For further help pick up a crib sheet in the Library or online:

Please note that we are unable to accept reservation requests by telephone.


How will I know if my reservation is ready to collect?

When an item is returned to the Library an email will be automatically sent to your university email account to say that your reservation is ready for collection from the Library Desk. You can also check the status of your reservation by clicking on the 'My Account' link from the Library Catalogue and logging into your borrower account.

Your reservation will be kept at the Library Desk for one week, if you fail to collect your reservation within this period it will either be made available to the next borrower in the reservation queue or returned to the shelves if there is no queue.

Library Help & Support

Please don't hesitate to contact the Library Desk by email or by phone with specific questions regarding any of our services. Alternatively, visit the Library Desk when you are next on-campus.

Email: Contact the Library Desk

Telephone: 01204 903094 (during Library opening hours)

If you wish to contact the Library Desk duty co-ordinator:

Robert Gray
Email: Robert Gray
Telephone: 01204 903264 (during Library opening hours)

Roving Assistants
In addition to staff at the Library Desk there are Roving Assistants available in the Library to help with any queries. They can show you how to use the Library Catalogue, Self Service machines and how the shelving system is arranged as well as pointing you in the direction of all our services.

Help Desk
If the item you require is on loan you can always speak to a member of the staff at the Help Desk. The staff can see if the item is available as an e-book or suggest an alternative title if possible.

Email: Contact the Help Desk

Telephone: 01204 903404 (during Library opening hours)

Book Purchase Suggestion Scheme
If you have any recommendations for new titles you think we should buy for the library, please complete the Book Purchase Suggestions form. Purchase will be dependent upon their relevance, and the availability of funds.