Latest Updates to Borrowing Procedures

Please see our latest FAQs for details of borrowing procedures for 2020-21 


Loan Types

Most items in the Library can be borrowed for three weeks or one week. We have some one day loans, three day loans and part-time students only loans. Many popular titles are placed in the 'High Demand' collection which is a two hour loan. High Demand titles are available via the Library Desk.

You can quickly identify how long you can keep an item for by the colour of the spine label or by looking inside the front cover of a book:

Loan periods for library items
1 week loans Yellow
Part-time students only Blue
3 day loans Orange
2 hour loans Green


How do I borrow items from the Library?

You will need your ID card to borrow an item from the library, this can be done at the Self-Issue machines located win the Link Zone. Follow the simple instructions on the screen and remember to keep your receipt with the details of when the items are due for return. If you are borrowing DVDs please remember to unlock the DVD cases on your way out of the library.


How many items can I borrow? 

Please note that books with a blue label can only be borrowed only by Part-time students.

10 items.

15 items.
(Education students on postgraduate courses are limited to 10 items)

15 items.

University staff
15 items.


Can all library items be borrowed?

Some items have restrictions. These include:

Reference Collection

The Reference Collection contains general reference books, such as dictionaries, encyclopaedia and directories as well as some statistical reference material. All items are listed on the Library Catalogue as Reference and have red spine labels. Many reference titles are also available in electronic format. Please ask at the Subject Help Desk if you require assistance in accessing electronic titles.

Textbook Collection

These books are not for loan. All items are listed on the Library Catalogue as Textbook and have grey spine labels.

Desk Reference Collection

The Desk Reference Collection contains out of print books and photocopies. Please ask at the Library Desk for this material which may be borrowed. All books are listed on the Library Catalogue as Desk Reference and have green spine labels.


High Demand Collection

High Demand is a collection of heavily requested items. These items are two hour loan and listed on the Library Catalogue. Ask at the Library Desk for further details.

Theses Collection

The Library has a collection of selected student theses. They are kept behind the Issue Desk and may be borrowed within the Library. All theses are listed on the Library Catalogue

Journals Collection

All journals in the Library are for reference only. However, you can photocopy articles from them.

Library Help & Support

Please don't hesitate to contact the Library Desk by email or by phone with specific questions regarding any of our services. Alternatively, visit the Library Desk when you are next on-campus.

Email: Contact the Library Desk

Telephone: 01204 903094 (during Library opening hours)

If you wish to contact the Library Desk duty co-ordinator:

Robert Gray
Email: Robert Gray
Telephone: 01204 903264 (during Library opening hours)

Roving Assistants
In addition to staff at the Library Desk there are Roving Assistants available in the Library to help with any queries. They can show you how to use the Library Catalogue, Self Service machines and how the shelving system is arranged as well as pointing you in the direction of all our services.

Help Desk
If the item you require is on loan you can always speak to a member of the staff at the Help Desk. The staff can see if the item is available as an e-book or suggest an alternative title if possible.

Email: Contact the Help Desk

Telephone: 01204 903404 (during Library opening hours)

Book Purchase Suggestion Scheme
If you have any recommendations for new titles you think we should buy for the library, please complete the Book Purchase Suggestions form. Purchase will be dependent upon their relevance, and the availability of funds.