The Inspire scheme was an initiative which aimed to provide a seamless, cross-sectoral pathway for learning by adults across public, academic and national libraries. The scheme is now in abeyance, as funding for the initiative was withdrawn. The University of Bolton Library will, however, honour the spirit of the scheme by granting reference access to users whose applications are endorsed by their local public library.

Users should fill in an application form and take it to their home library for endorsement.

Endorsed forms can be exchanged for a membership card at the Library Desk but your application cannot be processed during busy periods such as lunch hours and the start of the academic year.


External Membership

Whilst the services of the Library are primarily intended for our own staff and students,we are pleased to offer some services to others. External membership is available to those aged 18 or over at a cost of £50 per annum.

Membership expires annually and can be renewed on receipt of a new application form and subscription. The Library has the right to refuse applications for external membership.

The Library will provide:

  • Access to all printed materials for reference
  • Borrowing of up to 5 standard loan items  
  • Photocopying facilities
  • Study space  

There is no access to electronic resources or computing facilities. External members who experience difficulty accessing the Library during staffed hours on Saturdays should contact the Library Desk on 01204 903094 to arrange access to the building.

Members are subject to the Library Rules and Regulations, and are responsible for any fines or replacement costs incurred. Your card can be withdrawn if you infringe these rules.