The Library’s collections support the University’s strategic direction, that of being a teaching intensive, research informed university.

The collections include:

  • materials physically held by the Library

  • electronic resources accessed through licence agreements with publishers

  • digital information resources created by members of the University and held by the University.


Management of the Library's resources and collections is governed by the following policies:


  • Collection Development Policy [Available Soon]

  • Stock Maintenance Policy [Available Soon]

  • Reading List policy [Available Soon]

  • Theses Policy [Available Soon]


Information Fund Figures
Books £37,610 £58,709 £38,930
Journals (print and electronic) £462,034 £439,065 £389,420
E-books £17,067 £23,270 £26,537
Other electronic resources (databases etc.) £79,426 £84,384 £94,869
Inter-Library Loans £700 £3000 £1,865
Total Books, information resources etc. £596,837 £608,428 £551,621