There are a number of ways in which you can tells us what you think of our service. All comments, no matter how they are submitted, are recorded and used to improve our service, and each month we publish a selection of Customer Comments, Suggestions and Complaints on our notice boards.

For formal complaints the Library has a Comments, Suggestions and Complaints procedure.


Comments cards

For formal comments, complaints and suggestions either contact us online, or fill in a comments card and hand it to a member of library staff. Remember to include your contact details.


Email and Phone

A list of phone numbers and email links for our services.


In Writing

You may also write to the Library Manager at the following address:

Trevor Hodgson,
Library Manager,
The Library,
The University of Bolton,
Deane Road,
Bolton BL3 5AB


Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

Every year we run a survey to see how good our service is and how we can improve. You can pick up one of our survey forms from our Help desks, or fill it in online, by clicking the link on our web site when available.