Feedback Methods 

Please be aware of the following methods users can use to communicate complaints, comments and suggestions:

Face to face

Help Desk


In the first instance, email us:

Help Desk

In the second instance, email Library Management.

Suggestion cards

Our "Tell Us What You Think" cards are available from all help desks and can be handed in to a member of staff within the Library.

By letter

Trevor Hodgson,
Library Manager,
Eagle Library,
University of Bolton,
Deane Road,
Bolton BL3 5AB


Staff/Student Liaison Committees

Each course will have student representatives.

User Surveys, User Groups and Focus Groups will be advertised on the Library home page.

All customer feedback will be collated, analysed and made available to inform decision-making processes on a monthly basis. Where contact details are given:

  1. replies will be given within 2 working days


Comments, Suggestions and Complaints Procedure

1. Purpose and Scope  

It is intended to provide Users with a simple method to raise comments, suggestions and complaints. This procedure is restricted to comments and complaints in respect of Library services. For University wide procedures please refer to the Student Entitlement Statement section in the Student Handbook.

2. Principles  

Users may ask for information and advice in making a complaint from any member of staff and may be accompanied by a friend or a member of academic staff, a tutor for example.

The Library welcomes comments and suggestions from students on how to improve its services. Please refer to section 3 below.

The Library guarantees to deal with problems fully and to solve them wherever possible.
If problems can't be solved then we will say why. If problems are to be resolved in the longer term we will inform our users of this, and also tell them why there is a delay.

This department will ensure that the service provided to any User making a comment, suggestion or complaint will not suffer in any way but the Library expects that Users will not pursue frivolous or vexatious complaints.

Finally, information gained from feedback will be used to improve the services provided by the Library.

3. Comments and Suggestions

The Library welcomes feedback at all times and has tried to make it as easy for Users to communicate as possible.

Please note that the Library utilise User surveys and focus groups and also attend course committees where Users' colleagues should represent them. Again, the feedback and subsequent responses are published on the above web site as well as on notice boards within the Library.

The notice boards are sited next to areas with suggestion boxes that users can use to air problems and make comments and suggestions about Library services.

Suggestion boxes will be checked three times a week.

Where those completing forms make themselves known, a reply will be sent in writing (email or letter) within two working days.

4. Complaints Procedure 

It is hoped that most problems will be dealt with informally, in a spirit of conciliation and without the need for formal proceedings.

Firstly, if the level of service concerns you, please contact the supervisor of that service as it is envisaged that these members of staff will be best placed to respond to complaints. Private areas can be used to ensure confidentiality. The contacts are:

  1. Help Desk: Robert Gray, Denise Mercer

Alternatively you could email your comments to us or use a complaints form, available close to the suggestion boxes (please see section 3 above).

If, however, you are not satisfied with the response, then you should write to the Head of The Library.

All complaints will be replied to within two working days.

Please note that although every effort will be taken to ensure the confidentiality of your complaint, it is seldom possible to carry out an investigation without revealing some information. By remaining anonymous it may well prove impossible to pursue the complaint to a conclusion. You should discuss the extent and manner of the investigation and the release of information with the member of staff to whom you are making the complaint. Library staff will ensure that information does not go beyond the bounds of the investigation.