It is important that you are able to express yourself using appropriate and correct language. This is particularly true for the formal written English style required for academic writing. Poor grammar, spelling and punctuation in assignments can result in lost marks.

The tutorials below are provided by BBC Skillswise English to Adults. Once you have completed the BBC tutorials, click on the Assessment button to complete a Moodle quiz which tests your knowledge of the topics you have just covered. Once you click on the button, login to Moodle and click Enrol me – then locate and complete the relevant quiz. Once you have successfully passed the quiz, you will be awarded a digital badge within Moodle as evidence that you have completed the tutorial.

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  • Punctuation

Find out how to use capitals, commas, exclamation marks apostrophes and other functions that help your sentences make sense.


  • Comprehension

As well reading text it is important to be able to understand and evaluate the information given.

  • Grammar

Grammar refers to sentence structure, and includes the use of verbs and tenses. Learning the rules of grammar will enable you to construct correct, clear sentences.


  • Spelling

Use the tutorial below to examine common errors and strategies to overcome them.