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Student Centre
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Tel: (+44) 1204 903 733
Email: ku.ca1585660538.notl1585660538ob@sr1585660538osivd1585660538atned1585660538uts1585660538

Student ID Card

What is a Student Identity card?

The purpose of the ID card is a means of personal identification that can also serve as eligibility to use university services and the Library and must be worn on a lanyard while on University premises.

I have lost my ID card, how do I obtain a replacement card?

The cost of a replacement card is £10.00, you should pay at Financial Services and bring the receipt to Student Services, we will then print another card. If your card has been stolen there is no charge for a replacement card if you have a crime reference number from the police.

I am a female student who wears a veil do I have to remove my veil for the photograph?

Female students who wear a veil or headscarf may be expected to remove their veil/headscarf in order to have their photograph taken for an ID card. Such issues will be dealt with in a sensitive manner with a full discussion taking place with the student. In all cases a female member of staff will take the photograph, if a female member of staff is not available at the time of the photograph a suitable appointment will be arranged with the student.

I have changed my course, do I need a new ID card?

If a student transfers course, the ID card will remain valid and a replacement card is not required.

Why does the card not have an expiry date on it?

The ID card is valid for the entire duration of study and does not require an expiry date to be printed on the card.

How do I obtain a Student Identity card?

New students are issued with an ID card, which is also a library card, at the beginning of their first academic year at enrolment.

How much is a replacement ID card?

In order to cover administration costs a fee of £10.00 is charged to replace lost or damaged cards.

I have an examination and I am unable to locate my ID card, what do I do?

If you are unable to locate your ID card you should purchase a new replacement card from Student Services before sitting an examination. It is not possible to issue a temporary card, and Invigilators will not accept a passport or driving licence as alternative forms of ID for the purpose of the examination.

I have withdrawn from my course, what do I do with my ID card?

If you withdraw from the course on a permanent basis you must hand in your ID card to Student Services.

Advice and Guidance

Do I need to make an appointment to see a Student Advisor?

No you don’t need to make an appointment to see a Student Advisor. The Student Advisors are located in the Student Centre, Chancellors Mall and are available to see students Monday – Friday 08:45– 17:00.

How do I provide feedback about the service?

We have a comments and suggestions box in the Student Centre with a board to display your comments and our response. You can also complete a feedback form, available on the Student Services webpages. Feedback is kept confidential and is reviewed so we can continuously improve the service we provide.

How do I contact a member of staff, such as my personal tutor?

You can email/telephone a member of staff via the university website ‘staff search’ tab or you are free to use the courtesy phone in Student Services.

How do I make an official complaint about a member of staff/service or school?

Student Services or the Students’ Union can advise you on the procedure for making a complaint, either informal or formal, and whether other procedures are more appropriate.

Council Tax

Who counts as a full-time student for council tax purposes?

If you are enrolled to attend a course of education lasting for at least one academic or calendar year and which you are normally required to attend for at least 24 weeks out of the year and study for at least 21 hours per week during term time.

I am a full-time student but live with a non student, what should I do?

If you study full time but you live with adult(s) who are not full time students your household will be issued with a Council Tax bill. As a full time student you are not legally responsible or liable for the bill. Should you only live with one other adult who is not a full time student then they can apply for a 25% single persons discount to the bill (please contact the Council directly).

How do I apply for council tax exemption?

We operate a system in the Greater Manchester area where we submit exemption information directly to the council on your behalf. You will still need to contact the Council directly, and where appropriate complete a discount application form available from your Council. For students living outside of Greater Manchester, you will need to request a council tax exemption certificate available online (log in via current students/my details/student record and click on the link under the Student Services heading) and take this to your local council. If you live in the University’s Halls of Residence you do not have to apply for exemption.

If I take time out of my studies can I still receive council tax exemption?

As long as you remain registered as a student with the University and have not suspended studies you would remain exempt from Council Tax.

I have changed my address, what do I do?

Please log into your student account on the University website with your username and password. Click on ‘My Details’ and update your address and click Save. Please contact the Student Advisors to update your Council Tax Exemption.

How do I know which Local Authority/Council I pay council tax to?

If you are in rented property your Landlord should advise you.

I am a full-time student do I have to pay council tax?

If you live in university Halls of Residence, or live in a house where everyone is classed as a full-time student for Council Tax purposes, you will be exempt from paying Council Tax.

I am a part-time student do I have to pay council tax?

Yes. Part-time student are not exempt from paying Council Tax under the student rules.

Can I still obtain council tax exemption if I have a debt to the University?

No. Students who fail to pay or fail to make satisfactory arrangements to pay their fees may be subject to the university withholding access to official letters from the university to third parties, e.g. Council Tax Exemption Certificates. You should speak to a Student Advisor for more information.

I am an international or overseas student with a partner, is my partner exempt from council tax?

International students are treated like UK students when it comes to liability for Council Tax. UKCISA provides further advice to international students with dependants:–Advice/Fees-and-Money/Council-Tax#layer-3875

Who do I contact if my circumstances which may affect my council tax have changed?

Please contact your local authority/council directly.

My course does not follow the standard academic year, will this cause a problem with council tax?

No, as long as the full time course runs for a full calendar year or academic year you will still be eligible, e.g. January 2016 to January 2019.

Official Letters

How do I request a letter to open a bank account?

Should you require a letter for you bank, you can request this online. Log into Please make sure that your postal address details are correct before you submit your request. Letters will be addressed to the branches in Bolton town centre unless you state an alternative address.

How do I request a To Whom it May Concern letter?

Should you require a official “To Whom it May Concern” letter, you can request this online. Log into your student record and make sure that your postal address details are correct before you submit your request. Please indicate for what purpose you are using the letter as this will help us to provide the correct information. Please note that requests will take approximately 5 working days and that this may be longer at busy times.

How long does it take to produce a letter?

We aim to produce letters within 5 working days of your request, at peak times this may be longer.


How do I book an appointment to see the Counselling Service?

To arrange your first appointment with us please complete the registration form which can be found on the following webpage: Counselling Registration Form

We aim to contact you within two working days of receiving your form. A panel of university Staff made up of the University Counsellor and an Academic Lecturer (Psychology) will review your responses and will identify the appropriate service to support your needs. Your registration form and engagement with the Service will be treated confidentially.

How do I book an appointment with the Disability Advisor?

Please contact Student Services on +44 (0)1204 903 733 or ku.ca1585660538.notl1585660538ob@sr1585660538esivd1585660538atned1585660538uts1585660538 or the Disability Service on
+44 (0)1204 903 478, Minicom: +44 (0)1204 903 490 or ku.ca1585660538.notl1585660538ob@of1585660538niyti1585660538libas1585660538id1585660538 to confirm availability.

How do I cancel my appointment?

Please contact Student Services on +44 (0)1204 903 733 or

How long will the appointment be with the Counselling Service?

Initial appointments are on the basis of an assessment of the problem and last for 30 minutes. Any subsequent appointments are for one hour.

How do I book an appointment with the Immigration & Welfare Officer?

Please contact Student Services on +44 (0)1204 903 733 or email, alternatively contact the Immigration and Welfare Service on +44 (0)1204 903 496 or email ku.ca1585660538.notl1585660538ob@no1585660538itarg1585660538immit1585660538nedut1585660538s1585660538.

What drop in services and appointments are available on a daily basis?

Please contact Student Advisors for the latest availability on +44 (0)1204 903 733.

Health and Welfare matters

I am being bullied/harassed who can I speak to?

The University will not tolerate bullying or harassment of any kind. The University has a network of Harassment Advisors that can be contacted for advice; they include the Student Advisors in the Student Centre. They can provide an advisory and guidance role in incidents of harassment and bullying on the options for resolution for students. Contact details are available via the Student Advisors or you can arrange to see a Student Liaison Officer in the Life Lounge.

How do I register with a local doctor?

The Student Advisors have a list of Doctors located close to the University Campus and Halls of Residence. Students who do not live within the local area can search for local NHS services using the following webpage:

Course related enquiries

Where do I go to ask course related questions?

All queries including course related queries will be dealt with in the first instance by the team of Student Advisors who are based in the Student Centre, Chancellor’s Mall and offer information, advice and guidance on a wide range of student support issues. Some specific course related enquiries may be referred on to the Academic Administration team who are located in the office behind the Student Services.

Where do I get forms such as Mitigating Circumstances, module changes, extension requests?

All course related forms can be obtained from the Student Advisors. Completed forms should also be submitted to the advisors.

How do I check when my classes are?

Links to your personal class timetable are on the University website via the My Details page

How do I find my academic tutor?

Use the University Staff Search to find out contact details. There is a courtesy phone (internal calls only) in the Student Centre and at Main Reception Deane Campus. Student Advisors can also check staff timetables to find out when they are teaching.

How do I find out about refer/defer work I have to do?

Refer/defer assignments are uploaded to the Student Results Portal which can be found on the My Details area of the University website for students to access You will be sent an email by the Academic Administration team to inform you of how to access the Portal, along with submission deadlines and other important guidance.

Who can help me complete a form eg Mitigating Circumstances?

Student Advisors can provide you with basic information about how to complete forms and what supporting information may be required. More in depth guidance may be obtained from the Student Liaison Officers, Personal or module tutor depending on which form you need to complete.

My timetable is wrong/not appearing on the web – what do I do?

Speak with one of the Student Advisors who can check your student record to see what the problem might be. They may refer you to the relevant Academic Administrator or Programme Leader.

Where do I submit my assignment?

There are three assignment submission boxes located at the top of Chancellors Mall, the Library and B Block corridor. Submission sheets and submission instructions are provided by each box. Make sure you date stamp your submission sheet using the stamping machine provided.

How do I get an intermediate transcript?

You can print an intermediate transcript via your online student record by visiting the My Details page of the University website (, or request an official transcript from the Academic Administration team via the Student Advisors.

How do I check when my exams are?

Links to the exam timetables are on the University website via the My Details page

When will I get my module results?

Module results are released at the end of every semester and are available via your online student record via the My Details page of the University website You will be sent an email by the Academic Administration team to inform you of when results have been made available.

Who can I discuss my academic results with?

You can arrange to see your Personal tutor or come to see the module tutor on Results Day.

My name is not showing on the class register – what do I do?

Speak with the relevant module tutor in the first instance. They may refer you to the Student Advisors or Academic Administration to check you are registered on the correct modules.

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