Centre of Excellence in Safety for Older People


Consultant Physician, Professor Iqbal Singh, has been commissioned by Health Education England to lead on a programme to provide training for safety in the care of older people. Its objective is to safety in hospitals, care homes and the wider community and to uphold values of dignity and respect. With the help of eminent colleagues and experts from this region and far beyond, we will enhance the learning experience of our workforce and improve the care experience of many older people.

Prof Iqbal Singh University of Bolton

The Commission for Education and Safety in Training in its report recommended that ‘all staff should develop the skills to be able to identify potential risks to come up with possible solutions and to be able to implement them’ (2016). In the context of the care of older people, we are living in a society where people are living longer and healthier with improvements in their quality of life and this is a success. Demographic projections show that more than 4% of the population will be aged over 85 and greater than 20% will be over the age of 65 by the year 2033. We need a new approach to address the issues around improving safety in hospitals, in nursing and residential care homes and the wider community. We still have a huge ongoing challenge around falls and frailty, pressure ulcers and VTE, dementia and mental illness and nutrition and polypharmacy. There also is the need for providing medical, nursing and social care that is compassionate and caring and treats people with dignity and respect. The centre aims to make a major contribution leading on training and education of the workforce within the health and social care sector. Focus will be on issues around improving skills, knowledge and embedding a culture of compassion and respect through influencing behaviour and attitudes at individual, team and organisational level.

The Centre has wide support and commitment from health professionals and academics, senior managers, leaders in community and health and social care organisations across the North-West and nationally. The Centre of Excellence for Safety in the Care of Older People” is hosted by East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust and based at the Acorn Primary Health Care Centre in Accrington.


Stephanie Singh

Centre of Excellence in Safety for Older People |

"The principles of compassion, dignity and respect should underpin the care provided by all health and social care professionals in the 21st century."

Kevin McGee

Chief executive, East Lancs Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust |

"How we care for and treat our older people is a measure of how each local system is working."

Professor Sir Norman Williams

Senior Clinical Advisor to the Secretary of State |

"It goes without saying that safety, compassion and respect are crucial in the care of older people. Therefore, all three components should be paramount for each individual who delivers the care."

Dr Jennifer Dixon

Chief Executive Health Foundation |

"The health and care of older people in an ageing society is one of the biggest challenges facing us; how we respond is a marker of a civilised society. Our response must surely be rooted in compassion for the most frail and vulnerable, but also in far more action to support older people to stay well, independent and active into later life. The Centre for Excellence in Older People is rightly focusing on the important issues."

Professor Rob Campbell

Former Pro Vice Chancellor, University of Bolton |

"It is vitally important that we enable people to have a genuine quality of life throughout their lives and to secure compassionate care which treats them with dignity and respect when they need it."

Dr Sanjay Arya

Consultant Cardiologist & Medical Director, WWL NHS Foundation Trust |

"As a cardiologist, I see many older people who present not only with cardiac problems but also have multiple morbidities. It is imperative that we have a holistic approach to the strategy to address issues around the care of our older people."



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