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Welcome to Bolton School of Arts

Welcome to Bolton School of Arts

It is an exciting time to be part of the booming creative industries sector and at Bolton School of the Arts your creativity and critical talents will be nurtured, so you can graduate fully equipped with the skills that will help you to make your mark on the world.

Anarchy and The Aesthetic exhibition 2018

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Performing Arts and Theatre

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Welcome to “Unlocked”

Our virtual show designed to promote and celebrate the creative work that has been produced by students from across the School of the Arts throughout this memorable academic year. Within the confines of lockdown, students have been exceptionally busy and have used their talents and determination to overcome the restrictions of recent months. “Unlocked” captures the huge energy and commitment of our students to creatively reach beyond the barriers behind which they have been living to achieve their goals.

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Bolton School of the Arts

The School of the Arts really exemplifies the University's TIRI commitment to enhancing the student learning experience by embedding research and professional practice of tutors within the curriculum. Research enriches seminars and practical workshops across the school and opens up a fantastic range of collaborative projects between tutors, students and essential partners.


Lucy Detheridge

Fine Art | 2019

"The human form has been a theme in my work since I began studying at GCSE level. I am inspired by the great realist painters and artists of the renaissance period, notably Da Vinci and his anatomical drawings. I love the challenge of representing the body and have been attempting to blend my influences into a contemporary style, focusing on body image."


Hannah Hatchman

First Class BA (Hons) English Degree |

"Studying English at the University of Bolton has ensured that I was prepared to enrol on a Schools Direct postgraduate course to become an English secondary school teacher. Not only did I have the necessary subject knowledge, I also had the confidence to teach the subject to a class full of students."


Faye Power

Fashion and Textiles Lecturer |

"The fashion course gives you the opportunity to find out who you want to be as a designer. It teaches you the fundamental skills needed to enter the industry but also allows you to have fun and take creative risks.

The range of programmes on offer within the School of the Arts offers opportunities to collaborate and work across disciplines, allowing students to become specialists within their field whilst also gaining a strong understanding of the diversity of the creative industries. We don't take large cohorts so each student is valued and has access to academic staff, technical support and outstanding workshop facilities.

I enjoy working with students who are willing to play and take risks with materials and processes, challenging what is expected and known. I love it when students come with new ideas and we can work collaboratively to find solutions to creative problems whether that be through material sampling, use of new technologies and media, or working with traditional processes."


Cara Novotny

Theatre Graduate | 2018

"The course has given me a number of experiences within the university and at the Octagon Theatre. I have loved the opportunities to learn in the professional theatre environment, from observing rehearsals to being a part of the rehearsal process. I've had placements across my three years and the roles have developed, with new, different and increased responsibilities, from supporting the Octagon’s NT Connections group to working as an assistant director on David Thacker’s main house production.

I have gained knowledge and confidence in the career path I want to follow, and developed professional skills in theatrical and non-theatrical settings. The course has made me realise that I can be a theatre maker and now have the confidence to do it!"


Katrina Fletcher

Theatre Graduate | 2018

"During my placements I had been given responsibility for researching and developing creative relationships with schools, delivering workshops, and arranging an educational theatre trip for a class of pupils. I was supported throughout my placements by my tutors who were incredibly encouraging and insightful. My placements in third year greatly enhanced my CV but most importantly they gave me the chance to apply the knowledge I’ve gained in my degree, practically in the workplace environment. Consequently my skills as an artist and as a member of a working team have been developed and extended."



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The Workplace Needs Artists and Creative Thinkers!

12 Aug 21

Thinking about studying art and design? There’s still time to apply, and here’s why every workplace needs creative people like you!

tim arterbury VkwRmha1 tI unsplash

Your creative talent can’t be defined

09 Aug 21

Being as creative as you are, opens up an incredible amount of opportunities but there is one downside. You don’t fit the cookie-cutter mould which others may be satisfied with. You need the chance to explore a whole range of disciplin...

sharon mccutcheon Jv oD5CuVfw unsplash

To be truly inspired you must learn to follow your heart

30 Jul 21

Is your head telling you to be inspired and study a creative masters degree but your heart is steering you off course? Does it feel like your ambition is not reflected clearly in any of the creative postgraduate courses you look at? If t...

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Empowering Positive Change – MA Applied and Community Arts (Specialism)

27 Jul 21

Do you believe in the ability of art and creative culture, to improve, empower communities and bring positive change? To deliver improved wellbeing in society? Then by studying this master’s degree, you will be perfectly equipped to ma...

Picture1 v7

How to Break Down Walls for Interdisciplinary Creative Practice

15 Jun 21

Multidisciplinary creative practice requires flexibility, but how can you break down walls and create more fluid ways of working? Here’s how…The

Picture1 v9

Arts Management Jobs: The Skills you need for Success

01 Jun 21

Looking to grow your career in arts management? Do you have the right skills to get ahead? Here’s a look at what it takes to become a leader in the arts sector.The...

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