GAME (Graduate Attributes Matrix for Employability)

During your time at university, you will find many opportunities to develop your skills through your studies and extra-curricular activities.

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What are graduate attributes?

Every student and graduate is unique. You each have your own experiences, learning and way of approaching life. The quality, depth and breadth of your experiences while at the university of Bolton develop characteristic attributes that set you apart.

Graduate attributes can be described as the academic abilities, personal qualities and transferable skills which you will have the opportunity to develop as part of your time at the University of Bolton. Graduate attributes can be developed as part of a programme of study, as well as through the wider student experience.

Graduate attributes are:

  • Expressive of what it means to be a University of Bolton graduate
  • Not simply taught in the classroom but fostered through meaningful experiences and as a result of continuous learning and reflection
  • Unique to every student, in terms of their starting point, experiences, development and comprehension


Here at the University of Bolton we have developed our own Graduate Attributes Matrix for Employability (GAME). We have set out the attributes and skills that we expect all of our graduates to leave university with. Bolton graduate you will have the opportunity to develop the full range of attributes below.

Each attribute enhances one another and the diverse mixture will be beneficial throughout your time, both within and outside your chosen profession.

How do I develop my employability skills?

As a student you’ll already have acquired many skills: you’ve adapted to new situations; communicated with your lecturers and fellow students; worked in or led teams; planned and organised your assignments; and many more. You can always build on these skills to increase your employability and stand out from the crowd.

Have you considered:

  • HEAR activities and achievements – all undergraduate or postgraduates will now have access to their Higher Education Achievement Report (also known as the HEAR). There are a number of university-endorsed activities to get involved with, and you can document your experiences and prove to employers that you have the skills they are looking for
  • Working part-time – having a job alongside your studies has many potential benefits. It can give you the opportunity to earn extra money, enhance your CV, and improve your employability skills and prospects beyond university. Working part-time also offers the chance to meet new people and have a different social experience outside the university environment
  • Volunteering – a great way to develop your employability skills and impress employers as well as gaining experience, it’s also an opportunity to network, build your contacts and it may even lead to paid work
  • Joining a club or society – joining a club or society is another way of building up your employability skills, particularly if you take on positions of responsibility such as president, secretary, team captain, student representative or treasurer. Joining in also shows that you are reliable, committed and trustworthy. You can find a list of societies and sports clubs on the University of Bolton’s Student’s Union website
  • Taking a year out – some graduates decide to take time out after university. If you plan your time effectively, decide on your objectives and spend your time out productively it can be a good way of improving your employability for when you do decide to enter the job market
  • Study abroad – there are great opportunities to study and develop your skills and knowledge in another country through the university (which are sometimes funded), whether it be in Europe with an Erasmus scheme or elsewhere in the world