Employers on campus

There are a number of ways in which you can interact with, and raise your profile with University of Bolton staff and students on campus.

Employer log-in

Attending the annual careers fair

You can join the huge number of other companies who have attended our annual fairs, during which you will have the opportunity to interact with our students, and promote your services and vacancies.

Guest lectures

You can organise to deliver a guest lecture, which allows you to inform our students about your organisation, job sector, or any vacancies that you may have. In doing so, you will be able to raise your profile, and help to shape students’ futures by helping them to understand the skills, experience, and mentality to succeed within your organisation or job sector.

Assessment centres

You can help our students by running mock assessment centres, to provide them with an idea of what challenges they may face in the future, and give them the tools to succeed.

While doing this, you can promote your organisation, and its vacancies, opportunities, or graduate schemes, and provide them with insight into how you manage the hiring process, and ways in which students can stand out.

Mock interviews

You could also help us to provide our students with knowledge of the interview process, and give them a taste of a real life interview setting.

By providing feedback and tips, you can help to improve the quality of our student’s future applications, and will help them to apply the skills they have developed during their studies.


You could arrange to run a student competition which would promote your company to our students in a way that is engaging, while allowing you to see their abilities and skills, as well as seeing a sample of the work they have to offer.

Advertising and publicity

We can advertise job vacancies or events around the university via the distribution of posters or leaflets, through promotion on social media, or we can target specific academic groups by promoting events through emails.

 Interviewing on campus

The Careers Service can organise interview facilities for you on campus. We would book an appropriate date, advertise the vacancy within our academic groups and via our vacancy online service, and then collect the applications for you. You would then need to pre-select your preferred candidates for interview, and we could then help to organise a timetable for the day.

Rooms are available throughout the year, although we recommend that you give us at least four weeks’ notice in order for us to arrange a suitable room and advertise your vacancies widely.

All of these events and opportunities will be advertised and promoted to our students in a variety of ways such as social media, email, promotion from lecturers, and via leaflets and posters.

For further information about any of the above opportunities please contact us on +44 (0)1204 903 080 or email ku.ca1586209789.notl1586209789ob@sr1586209789eerac1586209789-buht1586209789nedut1586209789s1586209789