The University provides many different kinds of support for students and staff. Our Chaplains and Pastoral Assistants are available in the Chaplaincy Office, Social Learning Zone or Athena Café to give pastoral support to students and staff of any faith and none – we are very good at listening.

Drop-in Sessions (Term time)
Monday  9 am - 11 am Revd Gill Smart  Chaplaincy Office 

11 am - 1 pm

Fr. Andrew Pastore Chaplaincy Office

10.15 am - 1 pm

10 am - 4 pm

Evelyn Weston

Revd Gill Smaert

Chaplaincy Office

Chaplaincy Office


10 am - 2 pm

10.15 am - 1 pm

Revd Gill Smart

Evelyn Weston

Chaplaincy Office

Chaplaincy Office

These times could change, so if you want to make sure that someone will be there contact our Adminstrator, Evelyn Weston, on You can make an appointment to see any of the Chaplains on this number or by contacting them direct:

Other Contact Times (Term time)
Tuesday 8.15am Gill Smart

Gill will be in the chaplaincy for Prayers

Wednesday 12.35 p.m. Gill Smart

Gill will be in the chaplaincy for Holy Communion 
(following the Church of England service and open to all)



There are no Drop-in Sessions during the vacations. You can still contact any of the Chaplains:

Why we can help

A Chaplain or Pastoral Assistant can help because:

  • they are independent to talk to;
  • you can talk to them in confidence;
  • they take your beliefs seriously, whether traditional faith, atheist or just confused;
  • you can talk to them about the purpose of life;
  • they will help you along your spiritual journey;
  • you can talk to them about your difficulties and innermost fears;
  • they will help you find answers to those religious questions you always wanted to ask but...
  • they will not tell you what to believe.