Deciding on a particular career path can be a daunting experience. Career planning is all about organising your career ideas to make them achievable.  It is important that you do not leave it until your final year to start thinking about your future.  The timeline below will give you an idea of things you can do (over and above studying hard for your degree) during your time at university to make you more marketable to all those employers out there.

Remember, you can call in to the Careers Service at any stage of your university life to discuss your career plans or lack of them!

Year One

  • Make sure you are involved in at least one non-academic activity
  • Find out about the areas of work available to you
  • Find out about the types of employers that advertise graduate opportunities
  • Consider doing some voluntary work helping you to meet new people and gain new skills
  • Familiarise yourself with the PDP process
  • Visit the Careers Service to familiarise yourself with the support available
  • Register with the Job Shop
  • Think about joining student clubs and societies
  • Freshen up your CV or create a brand new one
  • Plan how you are going to spend your vacations well in advance
  • Audit your employability skills and undertake a self-assessment profile

Year Two

  • Find out and apply for industrial and vacation placements
  • Arrange some work experience or work shadowing in career areas that interest you
  • Start to consider careers that require postgraduate qualifications. It may be some time before you apply but it does require careful planning and research to find the most appropriate course
  • Start to research graduate schemes that interest you
  • Start going to career and skills workshops and employer presentations
  • Have your CV checked by a Careers Advisor
  • If you are still undecided about your career path on leaving university, book an appointment with a Careers Advisor
  • Start to research employers and organisations that you are interested in, ready for applications in your final year. Search the relevant social media sites to find out more
  • Start to build and add to your PDP and complete your employability skills profile

Year Three

  • Visit the Careers Service and collect your free copy of the Prospects publications
  • Check out the Careers Service website which advertises hundreds of vacancies and job-related links
  • Arrange to have a one-to-one with a Careers Advisor to review your options
  • Apply for relevant graduate schemes taking into account that some deadlines are as early as November
  • Attend relevant career workshops organised by the Careers Service
  • Ask for a mock interview to practice your skills
  • Check out all the local career fairs organised across the North West and try and attend at least one