The Bolton Award is an employability and enterprise programme for all undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Bolton.

It has been designed to enable you to benefit from work experience, skills development, and a range of enrichment activities.  Intended to be an achievement that is independent from your academic studies, the Bolton Award is an extra-curricular programme, which requires a minimum commitment of 35 hours.  It is free and can be completed at a pace that is convenient for you, plus full support is available.  Please click the links below to find out more details:


Thanks for your interest in the Bolton Award, and it is great news that you wish to find out more information.  This programme is available to students on all courses and year groups.  It also offers a personalised approach, ensuring that you can become involved with a variety of employability and enterprise activities, which align with your unique career aspirations.

Register your interest today by emailing: ku.ca1585664184.notl1585664184ob@dr1585664184awano1585664184tlob1585664184 with your name and student number, or alternatively you can call Rebecca on:
+44 (0)1204 903 423.


Induction Sessions take place on a monthly basis, and the dates and times vary to ensure that they are accessible and inclusive to all students.

The Bolton Award offers many benefits and you are encouraged to attend so that you have a clear understanding of the aims, delivery model, and opportunities available. The programme is optional, so once you have attended an Induction Session, you will be a good position to decide whether you want to take part.

Application forms are given out during the Induction Session. Completing the application form will lead to you be automatically enrolled on the Bolton Award, and please note that this is a free programme for students at the University of Bolton.

Induction Sessions have already taken place during May but if you would like to attend a one-to-one Induction Session, please email: ku.ca1585664184.notl1585664184ob@dr1585664184awano1585664184tlob1585664184 to arrange a meeting.

Careers Advice

The Careers Service is based in the Chancellor’s Mall and provides students with advice and guidance from a qualified Careers Advisor.

This service can help you in many ways, for example, by giving you the chance to:

  • Plan the stages of your Bolton Award
  • Explore your career options
  • Understand and audit your current employability skills
  • Access opportunities (such as employment, work experience, and volunteering)
  • Sign up to online resources that will help you to gain future employment

Appointments take one hour and this activity will contribute towards your Bolton Award, so please ensure that you take your ‘Record of Hours Log’ with you.  You can book an appointment by accessing the Careers Service Help Desk, or alternatively you can use the following contact details:

Tel: +44 (0)1204 903 080
Email: ku.ca1585664184.notl1585664184ob@sr1585664184eerac1585664184-buht1585664184nedut1585664184s1585664184

Employability Experience

A key aspect of the Bolton Award is encouraging students to gain relevant and valuable work experience. We believe that the earlier you start building up your experience, the better, and the Bolton Award provides a supportive framework to help you to commit to this additional activity outside of your academic studies.

You are required to fulfil a minimum of 15 hours of Employability Experience for the Bolton Award, and examples of eligible types of activity include:

  • Part-time employment
  • Work-experience or work shadowing
  • Volunteering
  • Student roles (such as Course Representative, Mentor, and Ambassador)

Some students are already involved in employability activity, and the Bolton Award will recognise your dedication. Equally, other students may not be, and the Bolton Award will provide you with advice and guidance so that you can begin gaining crucial work experience without delay.

Reflective Statement and CV

Once students complete 35 hours of employability activity (including your 1 hour appointment with a Careers Adviser, 15 hours of Work Experience, four hours of Skills Workshops, and 15 hours of Enrichment Activities) you will reach the final stages of the Bolton Award.

At this point you will be encouraged to arrange a one-to-one Support Meeting with the Project Officer, where you will be tasked to write a Reflective Statement. This is a piece of writing that you must complete in your own time, and requires you to respond to a set of questions about your personal and professional development.

Students need to submit their Reflective Statement and updated CV to the Career Service Help Desk.  Please ensure that your documents are marked for the attention of Rebecca Shivji, Bolton Award Project Officer.

Mock Interview

The mock interview provides students with the opportunity to practice their interview technique and gain constructive feedback.

Your mock interview will be based on the Reflective Statement and CV submitted, and is expected to last 45 minutes. Taking place at the University of Bolton, you are advised to approach your mock interview as if it were a real interview. You will be expected to dress smartly, carry out necessary preparation, and make a note of the date, time, and room to ensure a prompt arrival.


Following the mock interview, your engagement will be verified and you will receive an email notifying you whether you have successfully completed each stage of the Bolton Award.

Upon successful completion, you will be invited to a special celebratory event where you will be presented with a certificate to recognise your achievements.

Every student who completes the Bolton Award will also automatically be nominated for a platinum award, which will be chosen by a panel of staff members. This annual accolade will be presented to just one student who has gone above and beyond the requirements of the Bolton Award.