Bolton Fire: Questions and Answers

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Question and Answer Updated
Q:           How can I find out what’s going on.

Please now refer your queries to the Student Centre in Chancellors Mall.


Q:           How long will I be in temporary accommodation?

Students who completed a University Accommodation Options Form should be moved to their chosen option on or around Monday 9 December. After that time, the temporary accommodation that has been in place will no longer be funded via the University. Any ongoing requirements for temporary accommodation is now being organised via the Cube.

As identified in the Accommodation Options document issued on 28th November, lunch in the Bistro in the University is offered to those affected students who have taken up the Orlando option, Monday – Friday during term time until the end of the current academic year. Other students are no longer eligible for free of charge meals, which were offered as temporary support immediately following the incident.

In response to specific queries raised regarding Orlando Village, the manager of that facility has advised that contents insurance is not included as part of the price, and that contracts end on 1st August although there will be a summer accommodation option with limited places, subject to availability – they will be opening applications for this in February 2020.

If you have already moved in to your new accommodation we would ask that you:

1)      Notify the  Student Advisor, Student Centre that you have secured accommodation so we can update our records

2)      update your address  here:


Q             Clothing / Necessities

The university still has plenty of new clothing and essentials (including some kitchenware) which have kindly been donated that you are welcome to collect from the SLZ. It is anticipated that this will remain open until Friday 13th to support the needs of students moving to their permanent accommodation during that week.


Q             My official documents were in the Cube how can I get it replaced

If you have forgotten to report any missing documents for whatever reason(such as passports, visa, driving licences, Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs), birth certificates etc.) please contact Carl Hosker (01204 903007).

We had official government liaison officer with us on campus following the incident to help to fastrack replacements for you if required and the financial support offered for these replacements. We are continuing to liaise with all of the embassies of affected students.

Representatives were also on campus from HM Passport Office to help apply for new passports and birth certificates. For those who applied for passports, they are now available for collection from the Student Centre in Chancellors Mall – please contact Helene Kelly to arrange a convenient collection time.

If you have lost your Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate or need to apply for a DBS but are unable to due to loss of documents, please contact Keely Eckersley in the Student Centre, 01204 903484, or

The university has made available a ‘To Whom it may Concern’ letter for all affected students confirming that you were involved in the incident. This may be used for any purposes where you require to prove that you were affected. Please collect this from Student Information desk in Student Services in the Student Centre in Chancellors Mall.


Q             General Election – What about Polling Cards and Postal Votes

If you have any concerns about lost polling cards or postal vote documentation please speak to someone on the Official Documentation desk in the SLZ.


Q             My Student ID card has been Damaged / Destroyed

If your Student ID card has been has been damaged or destroyed please go to Student Services in Chancellors Mall, they will produce a new card for you free of charge.

Q             How do get my clothes laundered

The temporary pick-up / drop-off laundry service that was offered following the incident will be closing on Friday 13 December.


Q             I do not have any cash, my credit / debit cards were in the Cube

The university will provide you with £500.  You will receive £50 of this in cash and the remaining £450 will be paid in to your bank account.  You will need to come to the university in person to claim your cash.

Please use this £500 to pay immediate expenses but retain receipts for subsequent reimbursement, ideally on a weekly basis rather than for individual receipts. The University will reimburse the expenses by BACS within 3 working days. If a student is struggling financially, and needs reimbursing sooner, or in cash, they should highlight this to cash office when submitting their claim and we will assess these requests on an individual basis, ensuring that no student suffers financially. All such claims should be made by Monday 9 December.

If your student ID card is damaged / destroyed  please get a new one from Student Services (free of charge) before claiming your cash.


Q             When can I collect my belongings?

We are working very closely with the authorities and the Cube management team. A measured, managed, supervised entry took place to phase 1 of the Cube during last Monday / Tuesday. It is not possible for any entry to phase 2 at the current time. The building remains guarded and no student should attempt to gain further access to the building.

The insurers of the Cube, Endsleigh, are available to support anyone who is still needing to make a claim or for any students who have a query regarding a current claim. Please call 0800 923 4042 and quote policy number HH1687 and the team will be able to help you.


Q:           What about my contract with the Cube

We understand that a statement has been made by the Cube about release from their contract and that refunds are being processed. Direct debits have been frozen. If you have already found your own private accommodation and but have not yet received that refund, please come to the SLZ to discuss potential loan through the University until the deposit and rent is refunded. They would then reimburse the University once they have received a refund of their deposit and rent from the Cube.

If they wish, students are clearly free to choose their own alternative accommodation. However, before you make any decisions, please speak to our accommodation team to see if the University can approve and fund this. The University will normally only be able to consider any financial assistance with the costs of deposits, difference in rent, or additional travel expenses for individuals if they either discuss their own choice with us first or take up an offer of University approved accommodation.


Q:           What is happening about my post?

All mail is being redirected from the Cube to the University and can be collected from the Post Room at the University at either 12:00 or 15:00 Monday-Friday. In order to collect post, please bring your student ID card (or equivalent identification). Please note that you will only be able to collect your own post (not other students’).


Q:           I was staying in Sun Alliance and can’t access my accommodation, what support can I get?

We understand that it is now be possible to return to Sun Alliance.


Q:           I need to talk to someone about what’s happened

The University’s Student Support team are on hand to help.

Counselling and welfare sessions are available in the Student Centre and Life Lounge; please contact Student Services to arrange.

In addition, Drop In’s are available in the Life Lounge, which are a safe space for you to come and talk, have a cup of tea or coffee and access support should you wish, to support your current mental health and wellbeing needs. Lunchtime drop in is available every Wednesday between 12:00-14:00.

The Chaplaincy Service is also available. Drop in sessions are available Monday 8:30-13:30; Wed / Thurs 8:30 – 17:30. At other times you can contact Chaplain Gill be email ku.ca1579349819.notl1579349819ob@ni1579349819alpah1579349819c1579349819 or call 01204 903415 or text 07967585670.


Q:           I am an international student and my parents want to visit

Any international students wishing for parents to visit the UK please contact Helene Kelly for advise and we will liaise with the relevant embassies to make arrangements. ku.ca1579349819.notl1579349819ob@yl1579349819lek.H1579349819


Q:           I am an international student and have lost my Police Registration Certificate

If you have lost your Police Registration Certificate please can you report it at You will then need to make an appointment to attend Green Heys Police Station for a replacement. Please note you will not be able to do this until you have received your replacement passport and BRP.

You will need an incident report number which is:  2848-151119

You can book an appointment at the following link:


Q:           My laptop was in the Cube and I need it for my studies

Laptops were made available for students to borrow on extended loan until such time as insurance claims are settled. Once you have received settlement and replaced your laptop, please return the loaned equipment. It is anticipated that a recall notice will be issued to those students with outstanding loan in the first quarter of the new year.


Q:          My personal copies of books were destroyed or damaged

The Books for Bolton appeal may be able to help you get replacement copies of any books lost. You can contact Books for Bolton via or pass on your details via the Library Helpdesk.


Q:           What do I do about library books

Fines and fees will be waived for any loss of books or library items.

Q:           What about my studies

Please attend classes as normal if possible.  Your Personal Tutor will be in touch with you soon to go through everything with you.

Please rest assured that you will not be academically disadvantaged because of this incident.  Your course tutors are all aware that you have been affected by this incident and will provide you with all the help and information you need.

Q:           What about my assessment deadlines

All students who have been directly affected by this incident will automatically have mitigating circumstances applied.

However, any student who has been affected indirectly, even if they hadn’t been resident in the Cube or Sun Alliance, can apply for mitigating circumstances and will be treated equally for assessment extensions. In the case of group assessments involving one or more of the group who were resident at the Cube, the who group will be given an extension or deferral as appropriate and required.

All such students will be given an individual study plan with agreed, documented deadlines that take into account your capacity to meet them. If you wish to submit a piece of work or take an examination in Semester 1, you have the option after the Assessment Board to retake the work as if for the first time, if you feel your performance was affected. If you have lost a substantial amount of project-type work, you may be supported by your tutors to develop evidence of meeting learning outcomes in an alternative manner. Wherever possible, we would encourage you to seek to ensure that you have no carry forward assessments into Semester 2.

Your course tutors will provide you with all the help and information you need.


Statement from the Cube

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