What Is Digital Marketing – Understanding the Most Powerful Form of Marketing


What Is Digital Marketing – Understanding the Most Powerful Form of Marketing

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last two decades, chances are you’ve heard the terms “digital marketing” on many occasions. Unlike in the era of newspapers, magazines, radio, and television ads, where marketing was unidirectional and more of an annoyance to the audience, in this digital age, marketing is much more disruptive, engaging, and effective.  

So, what is it about this form of marketing that makes it so valuable for businesses? 

Before we explain why digital marketing is a must, let’s understand what it entails. 

What is Digital Marketing? 

Any marketing that utilises the internet and electronic technology to connect with customers, and promote and sell products and services, is called digital marketing or online marketing. 

Sounds simple enough, right? 

In reality, it is not. 

Digital marketing is not based on a single channel and takes many forms. From social media, blogs, and videos, to email newsletters, search engine optimisation, pay-per-click, and more, there are several ways in which digital marketing works. Although powerful enough on its own, online marketing is often used in combination with traditional marketing to yield the best results and return-on-investment.  

The Many Forms of Digital Marketing 

One of the best things about online marketing is that it’s not restricted to one channel strategy. Businesses often use multiple digital channels as part of their marketing to ensure they win their audience and achieve their business goals. Below we discuss the primary digital marketing forms. 

Social Media Marketing 

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or TikTok, all social media platforms are great for promoting a brand. Based on the kind of product or service they are selling, businesses can choose the appropriate social media channels to reach, engage with, and entice their audience. 

Email Marketing 

If the aim is to keep current customers happy and add new ones, email newsletters will do the job. They are sent daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, based on the requirements of a brand, better known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  

Web Content Marketing 

A website is a digital showroom that is regularly updated with fresh and relevant content from time to time, to entice new leads and customers. It includes producing and publishing original content that attracts new customers to the website and helps retain the existing ones and providing a strong customer journey! 

Pay-Per-Click Marketing 

Pay-Per-Click or PPC ads allow you to advertise on different websites through paid ads. The ad publisher is paid every time a user clicks on the ad. PPC ads are great for selling a product to a targeted audience that is selected based on different parameters like age, gender, geographical location, marital status, and more. 

While these are the most popular digital channels used for marketing, several other digital marketing forms are often used in combination with the big three. These include affiliate marketing, sponsored content, SMS marketing and more. 

Digital Marketing – Why Is It Better Than Traditional Marketing? 

As of April 2022, there were more than five billion internet users worldwide, which is 63.1% of the global population. And of this total, 4.7 billion or 59% of the world's population were also social media users. 

With these figures, there is no way businesses can stick to traditional marketing methods alone and not give digital marketing a go. 

Moreover, digital marketing is much more cost-effective than traditional marketing techniques. You can choose organic or paid social adverts versions of PPC, social media, display or banner ads and get effective results at lower costs than the more expensive traditional marketing methods. 

Digital marketing is also highly effective in helping brands their audiences wherever they are. Meaning it’s the best mode of marketing if you want to take your brand places!  

Another great advantage of online marketing is that it allows businesses to stay connected with their customers and potential customers through email or social media platforms. They can then communicate with them, run campaigns, or test offers to gain insights and modify their product or service as per customer demand. 

The Best Place to Learn Digital Marketing 

Think online marketing is your calling? Then getting a degree in digital marketing is the best first step towards a successful career in this field. The University of Bolton’s BSc (Hons) Digital Management and Marketing degree is the perfect course for marketing enthusiasts looking to gain a sure footing in this competitive and crowded industry. 

Course Highlights 

- The BSc (Hons) in Digital Management and Marketing is a Chartered Institute of Marketing accredited degree and offers a range of CIM exemptions. During your studies, you'll be able to join the CIM as a Studying Member and benefit from access to a wealth of additional study resources and a professional network. 

- Our team of highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic professionals offer one-to-one support, ensuring students get the support they need. 

- You’ll have the chance to explore and evaluate a range of perspectives relating to your studies. 

- In your final-year, you’ll be able to choose optional modules that cover specialist subjects such as advanced data analytics (blockchain and digital disruption) or the psychology of digital consumer behaviour. 

- This course is offered in our vibrant Institute of Management environment in Bolton, Greater Manchester. By studying alongside people interested in related subject areas, such as business management, law and finance, you can benefit from a broader range of knowledge and experience that supports cross-disciplinary thinking and inter-professional working. 

- By designing the course assignments and projects to mimic industry pipelines and standards, we aim to give you an industry-relevant education that prepares you for a career in digital marketing and management. 

- We offer opportunities to work from live briefs throughout the programme, giving you the chance to connect with industry partners and benefit from projects focused on current market conditions and technologies. 

Learn more about the course and find out if the BSc (Hons) Digital Management and Marketing degree is the right one for your digital journey. Bolton is a happy, inclusive and supportive campus. 

You can also get in touch with us at enquiries@bolton.ac.uk or call on 01204 903807. We can’t wait to welcome you onboard this exciting and dynamic sector: digital is the future! 


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