Bolton SFX Students Take on a Re-Make of ‘The Monster Squad’!


It’s an exciting time to get involved in film. Monsters, aliens, and magical creatures are able to come to life on the big screen due to the art of a special effects make-up artist. 

At the University of Bolton, our supportive learning environment allows our film FX students the opportunity to practice and showcase their skills, enhancing opportunities post-graduation. 

A select group of students started 2023 with a re-make of the 1987 film ‘The Monster Squad’; something they produced in partnership with Stan Winston School. Keep reading to see how they got on! 

In the Style of Clive Barker! 

The group of talented students chose to dedicate their director style to Clive Barker; the English novelist, playwright, author, film director, and visual artist who became most well-known in the mid-1980s with a series of short stories. His most famous work was probably the Books of Blood, as this is what established him as a leading horror writer.   

The Wolfman 

The group chose Wolfman to be the star of their production but decided to take on an alternative twist to the hairy-eyed, hyde-looking monster seen in the film. Instead, their character was made up with a bald look to escape the cliché.  

The level of attention put into making the monster look as realistic but scary as possible, and created a fantastic end product! 

Student Roles  

One of the best things about this project was the group’s teamwork. So, we couldn’t forget to mention the individual credit to each team member for each of their responsibilities: 

- @wychyfx – Credit for the hair work, flat moulds, applying, and the video 

- @giponci_mua – Credit for the ear sculpture, back piece sculpture, moulds, running, and video edits 

- @annajoycemakeupfx – Credit for the face sculpture, running, colouring, and applying  

- @carlyjarvis.smufx – Credit for the torso sculpture, moulding, running, colouring, and applying  

- @jennyhodgesxx – Credit for the moulds, flat moulds, running, and applying  

Congratulations on the great work! Check them out on Instagram to see more. 


Why Study a Film FX Degree?  

Does this inspire you to want to become a special effects make-up artist? At Bolton University, we offer a great chance to turn your passion into a career. With courses based in our Centre for Film FX, they are designed to ensure that students are provided with the skills to become a proficient special or visual effect professional.  

Perhaps, you want to learn what it takes to turn Ralph Fiennes into Lord Voldemort? 

Or, what about turning Tyler from the Netflix series, Wednesday into the Hyde? 

You can learn these precise skills at Bolton with state-of-the-art facilities and industry-experienced lecturers. Let’s look at some course highlights of our BDes (Hons) Special Make-Up Effects for Film and TV course: 

- Neill Gorton, the multi-award-winning artist and designer, and the founder of the world-renowned Millennium FX company is our visiting professor of special effects; exposing our film FX degree students to his wealth of professional knowledge 

- You will have your own dedicated bench space and locker in our special effects studio, providing a secure base for you throughout your studies  

- You will also have access to our range of excellent facilities, including; our make-up studio, casting and moulding room, boutique filming studio, and 3D workshop 

- We are committed to helping you develop your employability. This means you will be encouraged to attend guest lectures to enhance your learning and help you make industry contacts. For example, the award-winning make-up artists Richard Martin and Nick Dudman have recently shared their expertise with students on our film FX courses 

- You will gain a broader understanding of production design, including concepting, cinematography, and composition 

Interested in learning more about how we can help you become a great special effect make-up artist? Click here to view our full course details. 

Unlock your creativity with the support of #UniAsItShouldBe. 

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