Upskilling Teachers through Professional Development: Powerful Stats to Know

Finding ways for teachers to identify and build on their strengths not only benefits schools, but the positive effects trickle down to the students too. A recent report from the Education Policy Institute (EPI) proves that professional development workshops for teachers or further education courses can be advantageous for everyone.

Here are some of the key findings that could inspire you to begin your teacher professional development journey with The University of Bolton:

High quality teacher professional development impacts learning outcomes

The EPI report reveals that educators who receive high-quality training throughout the course of their career are able to significantly improve student learning outcomes.
The study used ‘effect sizes’ to quantify the impact, showing the difference between two groups of pupils:

  • Those taught by teachers receiving a specific professional development intervention
  • Those taught by teachers who were not receiving any further training

The mean effect size between these groups was 0.09, which is a similar effect size when comparing a teacher with 10+ years’ experience compared to a graduate (0.11). Therefore, if you’re passionate about improving your professional practice and creating better results for your students, upskilling could be for you.

Happier teachers stay in their jobs for longer

Not only is developing the skills and career of teachers a great way to enhance overall teaching quality, but it’s also a positive step for better staff morale and welfare. The Education Policy Institute report reveals that teachers respond well to upskilling programmes and courses in contrast to other inventions. While large, structural changes to the school system can improve pupil outcomes, there’s often a risk of staff turnover.

Training workshops and further education degrees like ours, on the other hand, help teachers enjoy improved job satisfaction while improving outcomes in the classroom. If you’re a qualified teacher or other education professional looking to take the next step in your career, a Postgraduate course could help you reach your potential.

Great teachers and educational leaders are needed now

According to the recent Programme for International Student Assessment, over a quarter (28%) of 15 year olds in Britain attended schools where leaders reported teacher shortages being a problem in 2019.

This means high-quality teaching professionals and educational leaders are needed now, and upskilling is a fantastic way to improve your skills. Our MEd Professional Development in Education course can act as a platform for those looking to take on more responsibility at work, or move into a senior management role.

There’s nowhere better to study either, as we’re No.2 in the UK for Teaching Quality for Education Courses (The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2021), and students have voted us No.3 in the UK for Student Satisfaction in Education Courses (Complete University Guide 2021).

To find out more about enrolling at the University of Bolton in January 2021, go to our course page.


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