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Make a Difference with a Master’s in Community Development

Have you already graduated with an Honour’s degree, but find that you’re still hungry to take your education to the next level? A Master’s in Community Development and Youth Studies strengthens your professional competence and develops the practical skills required for specialised, highly sought-after work.

As part of the Master’s, you’ll learn about what it takes to challenge discrimination and oppression while improving equality and diversity. Life as a community worker can be demanding, but it’s hugely rewarding.

At the University of Bolton, Greater Manchester, our career-focused courses have helped us become one of the UK’s Top 5 Universities for Teaching Quality*. Our cutting-edge academic research, face-to-face sessions, and evidence-based practice empowers you to make a difference in communities throughout the United Kingdom.

It’s this approach that, for the past three years, has helped us being voted No.1 for Student Satisfaction^. Here, your voice is heard and your development is our priority, welcome to #UniAsItShouldBe.

You’ll learn in a supportive and student-focused setting. And all of this just 20 minutes from Manchester city centre by train.

Here’s everything you need to know about making a difference with a Master’s in Community Development and Youth Studies.

Is There Still a Need for Community and Youth Workers? 

As a large, densely populated, and multi-cultural nation, Britain has no shortage of growing social and economic challenges. Young people, in particular, are often vulnerable and many of them are left behind by systems that have failed to accommodate them.

It seems there is always a shortage of community workers and youth workers. They’re needed now, and community development jobs will always be required.

Community workers help improve the lives of those who are marginalised, seek justice for disadvantaged people, and even support communities with mental health and drug use problems. Put simply, it’s an essential role that supports several different groups of people from every type of background.

What Will I Learn During My Master’s in Community Development? 

The aim of our course is to build on what you’ve already learnt about the youth and community sector and extend your impressive professional knowledge.

Community-Focused Learning 
You’ll undertake specialist modules that boost your understanding of delicate and complex societal issues. Equality, diversity, and even sustainability are important subjects you’ll come to master.

You’ll learn about mental health, abuse, and the role that charities and local authorities play throughout our country. With an expert understanding of sensitive issues, you’ll have what it takes to implement life-changing services for those that need them.

Practical Leadership and Management 
But as well as expanding your understanding of these wide-ranging issues, you’ll also work on the practical skillset that’s needed to be able to implement creative solutions.
You’ll learn about management and how to be an effective leader. Our Master’s in Community Development includes regular face-to-face sessions and one-on-one support. You’ll receive constructive feedback in a friendly, encouraging environment where developing your employability is the priority. The team of experienced, enthusiastic, and dedicated staff put your needs first.
But you won’t spend all of your time on campus. Instead you’ll be in youth and community centres getting invaluable experience, gathering evidence, and interacting with vulnerable groups of people.

Our academic team is still actively involved in community and youth studies research. They’re experienced in their field and they know exactly what it takes to succeed. Under their guidance, you will too.

Analysis and Evaluation Skills 
Being aware of these issues and having the ability to manage community services is important. But on your Community Development and Youth Work Master’s, you’ll also learn to analyse situations in a very specific way.

And our expert team will help. You’ll reflect on situations critically and evaluate challenging circumstances in a professional manner. After you’ve researched a community, you’ll be tasked with designing and implementing a community service. Afterwards, you’ll be able to assess the long-term impact that it has.

Other times, you’ll be focused on community investigation and finding creative solutions to complex problems. Our university has links with more than 70 partners that allow you to research new opportunities and develop a range of different perspectives. You could be working in housing, leisure, health, resettlement projects, or even outreach and mentoring projects.

Completing Your Master’s at Bolton University 

With specialist knowledge, confident leadership, and precise analytical skills, you’ll graduate with industry-relevant experience and the ability to make a difference for those that need it most.

We’re delighted to have been voted among the UK’s Top 50 Universities** and our staff constantly research, design, and implement exciting projects that contribute to an innovative Master’s degree.

Start your studies this January and begin your journey to making a lasting difference in communities.

*The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2021
^The Complete University Guide, North West Region 2021, 2020, 2019
**The Guardian’s Best University Guide 2021


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