Graphic design trends for 2020

As the days continue to roll on, we are seeing new trends emerging throughout the graphic design industry. Captivating designs are rolling out across multiple media platforms. Below, we will take a closer look at some of our favourite trends for 2020 so far.


The use of monochrome might seem very dated, but this year, it’s set to make a comeback. The definition of monochrome is to use one colour, although people often associate this with strictly black, white and grey.

We are noticing an emergence of people using monochrome with bright colours such as pink, blue and green. Layering monochrome filters over a photograph so that the copy in front can stand out, or just highlighting partial elements with the use of colour are the most common applications. 

Shiny metals

There was a time when the thought of using shiny metals in design made stomachs turn, but now, it is bang on trend. We see the majority of this trend used on product packaging, and it is often becoming the focus of the design.

Gold is used more than silver, conveying a message of luxury. A lot of higher-priced items within relevant sectors are using shiny metals in design. We love this dash of class, and we’re finding it’s a sure way to grab the audience’s attention.


As a key area within graphic design, typography is vital to a good design. Gone are the days of Comic Sans (thank goodness) and brands are creating their own typefaces. For the majority of designers, there is a massive trend of using typography to push the boat out and grab attention.

Decadent fonts, featuring floral, geometric, numerical and varying weights have created compositions that wouldn’t have crossed any designers mind five years ago. It’s not just the style of typography that’s trending, it’s the way it is used. Designers are using maxi typography to split words and phrases across multiple lines.

Want to find out more trends?

Staying up-to-date on these types of trends is vital for a career in graphic design, which is why the students at the University of Bolton are taught by lecturers who have extensive industry experience. Not only are they shown various trends from previous years, they’re also encouraged to discover new ones and create their own. If you’re interested in finding out more, check out our Graphic Design courses here.



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