Event professionals spill the beans…

If you like plenty of variety in your job, then a career in the events industry is for you.

Here are some words from event professionals on why they love working in events and offering their insight into the most dynamic areas of the role.

Paola Feregrino, Marketing Manager at Wahaca

“I love working in events because that is when you can really see the impact your marketing campaign has had before the event. You can see how excited people are and what they are most looking forward to. You can get a taste of what makes people tick, what they love, and what they don’t so much.”

Juraj Hulab, Marketing & Content Manager at Sli.do

“There are three reasons why I love working in the events industry. Firstly, events are about bringing people together and creating powerful experiences. And amazing things happen when people meet; they learn, inspire one another, come up with new ideas, and sometimes they even change the world.

Secondly, there is so much potential for the growth in the events industry. Many of its areas are like green fields waiting for disruptive ideas. If you think about it, present-day conferences look almost identical to those organised 150 years ago, and that calls for disruption. So, if you have an idea, this is a field to plant it.

And finally, being an event professional means being very, very, lucky. I know the job can be stressful, but otherwise, we are privileged to work across the globe, visit stunning venues and meet genuinely inspiring people from across many fields. I’m very grateful for having the privilege to be part of this stimulating industry.”

Toby Heelis, CoFounder at Eventopedia

“Variety is the spice of life and working in the events industry allows us all to see a huge amount of creative talent. Events can be an amazing expression of the event manager’s personality, and there are not many industries that encourage this personal expression more than ours. I also love interesting properties, and I am lucky to see some of the most amazing spaces every week.”

If you recognise yourself in any of the points above, then the University of Bolton’s BA (Hons) in Live Events Production might be the exact opportunity you are looking for!

Want a career in the events industry?

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